Rifle scopes

I have a couple high end swarovskis on a .300wm and a 28 nosler and love them. But most my rifles wear leupold an and I’ve gotten to really like the cds system. I started doing it for my girls when they were learning to shoot and now I have adopted it on most my rifles.
I have a couple mid price level zeiss scopes that I was able to get on discount once and they have been very good as well.
The advice to spend more on the scope than you did for the rifle has served Me well, it’s just hard to spend the money on rifles I might never actually use in the field-
The .375 wears a plains game scope and I use leupold quick release mounts so I can also use the dangerous game scope. The .17 hmr does wear a vortex scope. The “loaner” in .30-06 has a leupold while my favorite in .300wm looks sharp with a Swarovski-which accounted for the zebra rug. E5F11D8E-9C7C-4D80-9D70-6C3E78817201.jpeg
The .375 with leupold for up close work with heavy bullets-quick release mounts have been flawless
I don't have anything high end. For the most part I'm using some VXII's along with a VX Freedom, a couple Nikon's, etc. Work for me and what I use them for.

I have trouble justifying spending the money on a high dollar scope. Are the really good ones clearer? Sure thing. I wont argue it. I've used them.

Will they help me kill anything any deader? Not as long as the ones I have are more than clear enough for me to see both the animal and the crosshairs on the animal, and they hold zero. I say that with the understanding that I'm not a long range shooter or hunter. 400 yds or so be about my tops on shots.

My reasons, along with the fact that for me it's about the rifles and I like the game of keeping on looking for the next good or hard to find rifle at a good price. Not right or wrong, just my thing. Scopes for the most part just need to be reliable, and not be a misfit for the rifle for me.
I have Leupolds on all of my serious hunting rifles. I also am fond of the Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm scopes; for being economy priced they are solid setups.

I have also used Redfield, Weaver, Vortex, Bushnell, Tasco, Kahles, Swarovski, and Nightforce.

There are great products put out by all of them. Buy the best you can afford.
My majority have (including pistols) wear vortex (up to $1,500). Part of the reason is sales kept the price down. With nikon not making optics anymore I'm a little disappointed cause the 308 tactical is an awesome optic! Lucid, trijicon, vortex, burris, konus, millet, sightron, bushnell, athlon, sig and leupold is what I have so far. They're not high end optics (more like high dollar) that other scoff about, but has served me well! I do have sfp, ffp, moa and mil for a variety of learning and teaching. Math is my friend as I know it very well when it comes to converting with my quick math skills. There are a few optics in the 2k to 3.5k range on my list to buy, but getting the reticle I want is going to be the issue? I do have some thermals and nv optics as well.
I'm running mostly Leupold. I've got a VX-6HD on the 338RUM and 308 Win and Sue's 30 Nosler and 280 AI. I also have a VX-5HD on the 375. Almost everything else has a VX-3. I've got a couple of Trijicon scopes and a Sig Sauer Echo 3 on the 22 Nosler for night time predator hunting.
The higher end scopes has pretty good glass which works well in low light situations.

I used to be a dyed in the wool leupold fan. I still think the vx3 line is a great hunting scope. Unfortunately they haven’t kept up with the dailing turrets that the other companies have.

If I was looking for a simple solid 3-9x40 it would be the trijicon accupoint, if it has turrets it will probably be nightforce or higher end vortex.
I'm with ShadeTree. As an Eastern hunter, I'm fairly limited in the range that I'm shooting, I'm not taking long, long shots. So, the glass just has to be reliable and "good enough." I used to be a Nikon guy, as they offered a good-quality scope at reasonable prices. I still have Nikon's on several rifles, and they will stay there until there is a need to replace them. But for new scopes that I'm buying, I have switched to Burris as my replacement for Nikon. A couple of my rifles have Droptine models, and a couple have the Fullfield E1. Both of those are relatively inexpensive, and the glass is clear enough for my needs. I haven't needed any warranty, but they are built like a tank and Burris customer service is said to be very good, so no worries. The only downsides that I've noticed are that they are a little heavy, I guess due to their construction, and the eye relief could be a little longer for my taste. But that's about it.
"what scopes am I liking these days"?
Most of my rifles are hunting type so I like to keep the weight down, simple to operate, decent price and quality glass. I am also still a fan of 1" tubes
Swaro Z3, Leupold VX-3HD, Maven CRS Would be the 3 models I would look at for a hunting rifle
I have Leupold VXIII 6.5x20x50, Steiner 3x12x56 , Sightron 4x20x50, Pentax 3x9x42, Redfield 6x18x40, (3) Vortex Viper 6.5x20x50 , Diamondback 4x12x40, Crossfire II 3x9x50, Quigley Ford 4x16x50, Burris 4.5x14x42 & 3x9x40 and Bushnell (Japan) BL 4x & 6x.