Scope Magnification


Nov 25, 2013
I've been using a Leupold VX5HD 2x10x42 for several years and it's been great but i've been looking really hard at the 3x15x44. I don't know that i really need the 15x44 or if i just want one :). The majority of my shots are bean fields 300yds and closer but i do have several shots that would be 400 maybe 450. I think the 10x42 would serve me fine that far out but my aging eyes are telling me that the 15 magnification may be a little better. Like i said, maybe it's a want more than a need.
I also have the VX-5HD 2-10x42, with the Firedot reticle that I originally put on my Sako 85 LH Finnlight II in 338 Federal. I really like the scope.
I found a VX-3 3.5-10x40 B&C in gunmetal gray and mounted it on that rifle, and used it for my moose and caribou this year. It matches the gray Cerakote on the rifle, rings and bases better. It also brought the overall weight of the rifle package down to 7 lbs 12 oz. This rifle will get the nod for longer hikes and mountain hunting, where it may stretch out to 400 yards.
Plan on putting the VX-5 on my LH Rem 700 in 358 Win, which is heavier than the Sako and will be finished in black Cerakote, so will look better overall with the matte scope. The extra few ounces on this rifle won't make a difference for its purpose of more brush and shorter range hunting (out to approx.250 yards) than the Sako in 338 Federal.
As mentioned previously, the VX-5HD 3-15x44 B&C will be going on the 6.5 PRC which will see more longer range shooting at the range (500 yards)


Aug 16, 2011
I seem to like more magnification than most . I have a few of the Leupold 4.5-14 scopes . for me , these are just about a perfect scope for normal hunting . I also like the Boone and Crockett reticle , for shooting out to 400 or 500 yards , it's simple and it works . I would be happy with either of the scopes you have picked .

I have a 2-12 VX6 , it is outstanding in low light conditions . I have taken a couple deer in the 400 + yards with it , using the B&C reticle .the reason I chose it , it doesn't have side focus . to me side focus is just one more thing that might need messed with at crunch time , if there is time to mess with it .


Mar 6, 2017
I don't typically shoot at the extended distances some of you shoot at, but for me in hunting situations I prefer low magnification. On the bench I turn them up........a 3-9 for example I will typically have on 9 power at anything 100 yds and more if I'm shooting off the bench with a rifle with that power scope.

For hunting I discovered long ago that when I'm practicing from less than rock solid field positions such as sitting propped off my knees, I shoot better groups at 100 yds and beyond, when the scope is set at or near the lowest power. If I have a 2-7, it's on 2 power.

2021 season I shot a buck and a doe with my 760, both shot standing with the rifle along the side of a tree for support. 1 was slightly over 100 yds, the other just under. At the time I had a 1.5-5 scope on that rifle. Both deer were shot with the scope on 3x as that was high enough to allow me to see the gaps in the brush they were in. Were it not needed for that I would've shot with it on 1.5. Just the way it works best for me. Others maybe wouldn't find that to be the case, don't know.


Nov 5, 2015
As for me I shoot better groups from the bench with more magnification. Crank it to the highest power. Hunting have it set on the lowest power than crank as needed. Have seen too many hunters miss their opportunity because of the scope set on the highest power and have a deer jump up right in front of them then can't define the target because everything is all brown and blurred. I use 2.5x8, 3x9,4x12 and 4.5x14 on various rifles. Dan.


Feb 5, 2022
A 530 yard elk, 3x9 set at 9X. Running Mule Deer at 426 Paces, 4X Bushnell and another Mule Deer at 250 yards1.5x4X set at 4X. Most of my rifles have 3x9 scopes and when I check after taking game, most animals were shot with the 3X setting. A few were taken with 4X scopes before I started using the variables.
Paul B.
I’m the same way, all my rifles have 3x9’s, I mostly shoot on 7 power , out to 400 yards.
It’s all I’ve ever used.


Dec 7, 2007
The original post presented two options and I think either would be a good choice. It becomes a matter of personal preference. On my midrange rifles my preference scope is the Leupold 2.8-8x36. On my longer range rifles it is 3 power on the low and something above 8 on the high. Over the years my personal preferences have changed from using a 3-9 on everything, to a fixed 6 power, to what I use today for hunting. I try to use Picatinny rails on all my rifles so that when I'm doing load development I can easily switch to a fixed 36 power.


Mar 23, 2017
Most of my scopes top out 20-24x. If I’m in my stand in the woods I run the lowest setting. Out on the food plot I adjust the power to the varying distances 10-400yds.