Shiloh Sharps 50 2 1/2”


Dec 24, 2006
I finally got my big #1 Sporter. Took a few years but I grabbed it on Saturday.

It’s like learning to handload all over again with these. At least for me, it’s 1.5-2F Blackpowder, 700+ grain bullets and a bunch of experimenting but I think I’ll enjoy working with this.
That is one beautiful piece of art and engineering. Whether you look at the wood, case hardening, craftsmanship as a whole one sexy rifle.
Gorgeous rifle Scotty.
Congratulations on the Shilo Sharps.

That is one outstanding looking classic. Be waiting to see your reports with it. Enjoy. Dan.
Dang that's a nice looking piece of wood. Now you will need to get a ( Brace ) pair of cross sticks to shoot it from;)
Oy Vey!

I think I want to move next door to you just so I can be close to such beauty. Never mind touching it. Just to be on the same block makes my head swoon.

Its all been said- that there is a piece of mechanical art. Do you just polish that one to enjoy it, or do you actually shoot it? Enjoy either way! CL
Thanks fellas. It’s a neat rifle.

It’s not original at all. Came out of the Big Timber shop. They will make just about any combo of what you like.

And you all know me know, this things going to get shot unmercifully. I’ll let my kids worry about how much I’ve abused and diminished the value.

I still have a few pieces and parts to get before I fire it up, but I’m close. The biggest thing I lack right now is time!
Got a web site??????
Here you go buddy.