Smelled a scam


Feb 13, 2016
I was cleaning out my garage of items the family haven't used for years, from bicycles to TV's, and hunting stuff to fishing. I posted several listings on FaceBook MarketPlace to sell those items , once I finished two listings on the sales of two Top of the line bicycles, I quickly got a FM message on Messenger concerning the bicycle listing, I'll tell this story.
Grille: ( buyer ) Is it available?
Me: Yes it is
Grille: How long have you had this item?
Me: Since 2019, bought it for my daughter and she used it a few times and it has been stored in the garage since and is in excellent condition and no cosmetic damages
Grille: All right, what is the pick up location?
Me: In ********** ( name of city ) and you can try the bicycle out at my house
Grille: Ok, my husband will be picking it up when he is off duty but I'll be paying for it now for you to mark the listing as sold
Me: But you haven't seen it personally yet
Grille: Do you have Zelle so I can pay?
Me: No, I don't, I will hold the bike until you come for it, and cash only please
Grille: Can you set one up? All banks have Zelle
Me: No, cash only please
Long pause after her chatting 100 mph,,,,20 minutes went by
Me: All of a sudden you went off the radar,,,,still interested?
Grille: Nah
Me: LOL, I knew it, I can smell this scam a mile away. Good luck.
Grille: "left the group"
Idiots like these really should get their ass beaten. 😤 Can't stand those scammers. Here is an article that I googled about Zelle scammers on the MarketPlace.



Apr 30, 2016
Yep, you have to be careful, they are even faking USPS money orders now. My brother had a guy try to scam him when he listed his Harley for sale. Dude showed up with a money order and My brother apologized and informed him he did it for all money orders, and not just this one, but he needed to track it to see it it was legit. The guy said he was "offended" and drove off in a huff in a 20 year old beat up Honda Civic. Another red flag is they seem overeager to pay asking price.


Feb 7, 2022
I don't know if it's a scam or not, but a guy claimed that he sent me a cashier's check two weeks ago for a rifle I sold on GB and it hasn't gotten here yet.


Apr 30, 2016
I don't know if it's a scam or not, but a guy claimed that he sent me a cashier's check two weeks ago for a rifle I sold on GB and it hasn't gotten here yet.
I’d say you’ll eventually get your payment. That seems to be the case with about 30% of the guns I sell on gunbroker. They’ll bid it up to win, then send payment when they get their Paycheck, or whatever. I’ve got to where I stipulate in the ad that pmt must be received within 10 days or it’ll be cancelled and relisted.


Nov 8, 2006
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