Sous Vide antelope!

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Or, cell-phone antelope! :grin:

Craig, a good friend of mine who has been a part time chef for 20+ years, noted my enthusiasm for cooking and also noted my seriously under-educated skill level... :grin:

He also knew that I was a hunter, and that meat from game is often nowhere near as fatty as beef.

He recommended over a year ago that I try a "Sous Vide" for cooking. A what? "Soo-Vee" is how it's pronounced.

In the simplest terms possible, ya put a chunk of meat into a plastic bag, set it in a pot, and cook it for an hour or so. Then sear the outside in a hot pan for mere moments. The meat is never over-done, and is always juicy I was told.

Today I got a Very Early Christmas Present, a Joule Sous Vide device! (y)

I decided to put it to work on an antelope steak from last fall. Put the steak into a zip lock bag with olive oil, rosemary, salt, pepper, and garlic. Pushed most of the air out and sealed it up. Then via an app on my cell phone, I set the Joule to "medium rare" for a steak. It heated up the pot of water, I put the baggie with the steak into it, and waited while some potatoes cooked. While I was waiting I also cooked up some onion, red bell pepper, and mushrooms. :grin:

Less than an hour later, I seared the antelope steak on each side, in my cast iron skillet.

Put it all on the plate, and oh my goodness! I like antelope. This was the BEST I've ever had! Moist, perfectly done, nicely seasoned... Awesome. Here's some photos:

Prepping the antelope. I'd had it marinating:

The Joule sous vide heating up to 133 degrees:

Onion & pepper in the cast iron skillet:

The finished meal. The best antelope steak I've ever enjoyed!

The Joule is almost $200, from Amazon. An alternative, half the price, is the Anova. On Craig's recommendation I went with the Joule and it worked perfectly. Oh my goodness, that was a good steak!

Regards, Guy


Nov 8, 2006
Always on the lookout for another way to cook the meat we harvest. That is a fantastic looking plate, Guy. Antelope is, indeed, tasty. Been years since I ate it (in Wyoming), but I remember the meal with genuine, unmitigated delight.

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Ya - we have a number of roasts in the freezer. Deer, antelope, elk... Because cooking them can be really "iffy" for me.

This should make it darned near foolproof. That's what I need.

Put 'em in the sous vide at the right temp for an hour or so, then brown the outside in the skillet. Good to go.

I hope. :)

Tonight's antelope was delicious. The best I've ever had.