Smoking beef jerky


Feb 13, 2016
Since I got the Traeger, the last three meats I've cooked came out perfect and delicious, so I decided to try my next mission,,,,jerky. :grin:

Stopped at the butcher to get 5 pounds of top round steaks sliced at 1/4 inch thick. Used Cabela's Teriyaki Jerky Seasoning and added some red pepper flakes for some extra spice, since I don't not want to try the homemade seasonings yet, and marinated overnight. I laid them out on a Grilla Grill jerky rack and its in the process of smoking at the moment. I added some black pepper to the batch on the top rack for testing. Starting time at 7 am and at 180 degrees. Let's see how it comes out later today.


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It should be delicious. If I was closer, I'd be over to "help you".
Friends don't let friends smoke jerky alone.

JD338":1csa5kpo said:
It should be delicious. If I was closer, I'd be over to "help you".
Friends don't let friends smoke jerky alone.


LOL JD. Thanks for the nice words. I have noticed that there are a few hotspots which cooked the jerky faster which is the outside pieces and the top rack which I already took out after 2.7 hours. The others needs about 30 to 45 mins I think, especially the middle rack since the temps in between are lower than the outsides. I removed the ones already done and tasted them, oh boy. Delicious. Of course I'll invite you guys over for any BBQ or smoked meats if we all lived closer. :grin:


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Looks great Mark! I've made jerky but in the oven.
This past spring, we did a wild turkey breast and it turned out pretty good. I'm certain that it would be amazing on an actual smoker.

We used some of that carne asada that comes pre-marinated from Costco and made some smoked jerky with it. Not a fiscally-sensible exercise but man is it good!
Mark is crushing it the Traeger. I am telling you folks, if you haven't tried a pellet smoker, you don't know what you're missing. Mike turned me onto one many years ago and I have never been let down. It straight up makes fantastic food, everytime.
I make quite a bit of jerky on my treager. I’ve found the best results from smoking for 2-3 hours and then transitioning to a dehydrator. I don’t use a cure on mine so getting it nice and dry helps with shelf life. I dry mine until it cracks instead of bends, and usually slice it nice and thin.

This is the best recipe I have come across. It sounds funny but it is excellent.

Dr Pepper jalapeño jerky


2 cups DrPepper
3 jalapeños sliced w/seeds
1 tablespoon Worcestershire
2 tablespoons kosher salt
2 teaspoons black pepper
1 teaspoon garlic powder
1 teaspoon onion powder

Mix marinade ingredients in medium sauce pan. Bring to a boil and then simmer until it has reduced by 40%-50%. Let cool.

Cut meat into 1/4" thick slices and place in gallon ziplock bag and pour marinade in and massage to cover meat with marinade. Leave in fridge over night.

Pat jerky down and smoke for 2-3 hours. Then either switch to a food dehydrator or finish in smoker until meat cracks instead of bends.

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Thanks for the recipe. I'll have to give it a try. It seems that if you let the meat crack, it will be stored longer and take it with you on the road safer. I once tried a jerky I found on . For the sake of interest, I tried it with a smoky flavour. Now I prefer beef with the smell of smoke. There is something primal about it, just like our ancestors used to make their preserves. Of course, they didn't have that kind of seasoning. The subject is delicious. I'm going to pickle some now.
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