Nilgai summer sausage


Feb 13, 2016
2nd time making summer sausage, this is by far the best summer sausage I ever made. This time I added hi temp cheese and dry jalapeno flakes / powder, but I also added 1.5 cups of fresh diced serrano peppers for more kick and some hickory smoke powder for more smoke flavor. Wish you guys would try it. Just melts in your mouth.
Made 5 full logs ( 15 pounds ) using 9 pounds of nilgai ground meat that I thawed out that the butcher processed for me, it already had 30% beef brisket added to it, and I mixed that 9 pounds with 6 pounds of boston pork butt. After stuffing 5 full logs, I had a small leftover portion of half a pound and sliced that open and my wife loved it, and I could not wait to see results while the logs are resting in the fridge until tomorrow. It has spice from the serrano peppers and the little tangy taste from the citric acid. Final results.