Summertime Bass 2019


Mar 14, 2014
Big Bass are what I fish for. We don't have Walleye's and other Northern Fish down here but we do have Bass, so that's my quarry. In fact the obsession started as a child fishing with my mother and father. We fished for all kinds of fish but Bass are my favorite. It's a lot like hunting sometimes, especially on the large pond in the center of my hunting area. It's owned by my father in law and it's over 10 surface acres with depths in front of the dam greater than 25'.
Bass fishing is tough here, not many large bass are caught. But I've put in the time and do pretty good. I do it by patterning a fish. Really. Usually a big one will take up residence on a section of shoreline a hundred or so yards long. I'll hang it and lose it. And over a number of fishing trips I can nail down the spots I need to fish. Usually I lose it a few times before I catch it. It jumps and throws the hook, it runs into the fallen wood along the bank and pulls the hook, or last year and this year it grabs a plastic worm by the head and gets the weight in it's jaws, not the hook.
So I've tried different hooks, knots and rigs and finally I got something that works pretty good. Last full moon I hung 4 big ones, 3 got away but I got the one I've been after, I'll go after the other ones next. This one weighed just over 10 pounds.
This year we are keeping all the bass we catch returning just the big ones, because there is not enough food. We are going to try this one year at a time and see what happens. So far I've caught around 50 bass and my wife loves to eat bass.
This old sow bass was so stressed upon landing that I doubted she'd survive but I gave her a good chance. She lived a few hours before expiring, that's why she got to ride home in my cooler.

This is a photo of her on my cooler, from the way she's hanging over the front and back I think she was 24 to 26" long. I should have measured her.



Feb 20, 2016
Nice bass. My favorite way to catch bass is to fish at night using spinner baits with a single Colorado blade. Many people recommend dark colored skirts but I've done my best with lime or fire tiger.