Swarovski z5 3.5-18x44 BT


Sep 30, 2004
I have been going back and forth on what glass to put on my fast twist 25/06. I had been kicking around a couple different options. A 2.5-10x42 NXS or a vortex razor Hd LHT were on the short list.

In the interim I had a trijicon 3-9x40 on it. The trijicon is an excellent scope and I loved the weight at 13.5 oz. The only downside is I wanted something I could dial up for longer distances.

As far as weight was concerned the lightest option that still had dial up capability was the Swarovski 3.5-18x44 BT.

The biggest downside to the z5 BT was that it had different zero set rings. It allowed you to set various range zero but not just dial up specific MOA.

I’m a range it, dial it, kind of shooter, so I had pretty much wrote off the z5. That was until I saw a moa conversion ring available for the z5. This would allow me to use the z5 just like any other precision rifle scope.
So I picked up a z5 and ordered the replacement turret. I’m hoping this will be the perfect option for my lightweight 25/06.

Brings my total weight to 6 pounds 5 oz scoped.

Anyone else with experience with this optic?


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Don't own a Z5, but I do own several Z6 scopes. Top flight glass that presets a crisp, clear sight picture. If only one scope was available, a Swarovski would undoubtedly receive serious consideration in my estimate. Of course, the Vortex Razors and the Nightforce products are excellent as well. I believe you've made a good choice that will serve you well.
I was looking at that same Z5 for my 264 but would need different rings. I do have a Z3 4-12 and an older 3-10 Swaro. The glass is very clear and very hard to beat on the weight aspect. I think the Z5 is probably the best 1" tube on the market right now. I just ordered a Maven so will compare in the near future.
I have z5’s on a .300 wm and a 28 nosler. They are both wonderfully accurate and have never failed me. The .300 went with me first time to South Africa and was great. You made a good choice, snuggle up and enjoy!
I had the Z5 3.5-18x44 BRH, that I bought used. Originally had it mounted on my LH Sako 85 in 6.5x55.
There was something on the inside of ocular lense that was only visible against a white target in sunny light conditions. Sent it to the Swarovski warranty centre in Rhode Island and they replaced two of the lenses, recharged it and tested it before sending it back to me. Only cost to me was the postage to send it for the work. Had it back in a decent turn around time.
Have sold it since, as I mounted a Z3 3-10x42 BRH in its place after removing the Z5.
Thinking of going with the VX-5HD 3-15x44 for my 6.5 PRC when I get it done.
Thinking of going with the VX-5HD 3-15x44 for my 6.5 PRC when I get it done.
I went with the vortex razor HD LHT 3-15x42 on my 6.5 PRC havak rifle. I had tried a vx5 3-15 on my havak 300 win mag. Sadly I had tracking issues with it. I got a noticeable lateral shift when dialing it up. It got sent back to leupold but I could never trust it afterwords. I ended selling it to a buddy when I got it back from leupold.

The razor LHT has been excellent.

The swaro z5 seems like it will be the perfect fit on this 25/06. It’s a full quarter pound lighter than the LHT and today it’s adjustments weee spot on. Im looking forward to getting the MOA turret for it. I really like the simplicity of the 4w reticle. And it was very easy to shoot very accurately.


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I own two of the Swarovski 3.5-18x44 BT. One with the turret you are purchasing. Very happy with scopes. Just remember it's only one turn of the turret. Great for a hunting rifle.
I've always been impressed with the Razor. Vortex created an excellent scope. The weight was the only real complaint I ever had about that particular scope. Still, given the choices you presented, I believe you went with the better option.
I got the MOA turret today. I don’t know why every one of these scopes doesn’t come with one of these. This will make for the perfect hunting optic now. It just makes so much more sense to me than the multiple zero stops.

Range it and dial it.


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