Testing the 147's in 6.5 x 284 ( Continued )

Excellent write up.
I have a rear-grip 18" 6.5-284. I went with a mild load of H-4831 (50.5) and the 147's = 2520 fps
With a different 6.5-284 (center-grip clone XP-100 action) that has a 17" barrel, 49.5 grains of H-4350, and I use the 140 grain AB, and my MV is 2784 fps.
We initially ran the center-grip faster, and it shot great: 10-shot group at 100 yards

Shoots great at distance to: 575 yards
Thought this might be interesting
I have a friend who has done a lot of tissue testing (Whitetail and hogs) the last couple of years with both the 130 ELD-M, 140 ELD-M, and the 147 grain ELD-M in the 6.5 Creed (several different rifles).
The 130 grain kills good, but they hardly ever had a exit.
140 ELD-M exits and does a good job of killing. He is not a fan of the 130 grain ELD-M
The 147 grain ELD-M performed the best in terms of killing, but the internal trauma , length the animal would go on the shot, etc was just a tad longer/trauma a bit less than the 308 Winchester would with Hornady TAP ammo /168 grain A-Max or the newer 168 grain ELD-M.
On another note, the ELD-M's (at least with the 168 grain 30 cal) is a bit softer than the old 168 grain A-Max.
He basically does autopsies to see what was hit and the trauma to the tissue, and attempts to compare apples to apples as much as possible.
Tweaked the last 6.5 x 284 load into .1 grain increments of H4831SC from 51.7 to 51.9, all 3 POI on a plane. Final results at 51.9 grains at 2825 fps. with 147 ELD-M. Looks like I'm done here. Thinking of a 1 day hunt soon on an exotic deer with this load and see results. Axis deer may be on the menu, will do some searching.
Thank you fellows. Ran out of the old lot of H4350 and H4831SC, and just opened a new lot of 147's. I may need to tweak again for the Creed and 6.5 x 284 since the powder burn rate changes a little from lot to lot. o_O Getting tired of tweaking, I just want to shoot, lol.