This is my Glock...(pic heavy)


Oct 28, 2008
...there are many like it, but this one is mine...

Glock 36
Trijicon HD night sights (LOVE THESE!!!)
Pearce +0 grip extensions

Getting good pics of the tritium glowing took some doing, but I got it I think.

I put the 6" in mine to keep me from buying a 6" 1911. So far it' s working but not sure for how long!
I ordered the barrel....

Finally talked myself into it.

My reasons:
The longer barrel will slightly delay the unlocking, it needed that with the full toot loads.

In a hunting pistol, every bit of power your can get is good.

I can now shoot pretty much any lead bullet I want, probably never will, but I can if I want.

I actually think the extended barrel will look cool, I know thats of no real use for anything that matters... KKM will make a barrel to any length you want (no extra charge), I considered 7.5" because that is a popular length for revolvers but I think the 1" extension is enough without protruding too far out of the holster.

Possibly more accurate, but I sorta doubt it.

And I've always had a need for speed.

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Get yourself some 200 gr hardcast to play with. Cheaper to shoot and a good hunting bullet if it's accurate enough in your gun.
220gr / 200gr Hardcast Hi Tek coated 22 BHN
Fast shipping very accurate in my G20 with 9.5 Blue Dot with 220gr


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