Those were the days!


Mar 7, 2019
It seems that most bullets manufactured today go directly to ammunition manufacture and handloaders/reloaders are now an after thought. It seems that the customers that brought success to the bullet manufacturers are being neglected. Bullets were reasonably priced and available online as well as on dealer's shelves. I can even remember when Nosler sold hunting bullets by 100 quantity to the box. So thinking back to the good ole days I thought I'd post a picture commemorating those bygone and cherished days.
20220725_092226 Nosler in the good ole days.jpg
Yep. Right now, wish in one the saying goes. I have that exact box of solid base in 6mm, never shot any of them. Also got a box of 100 quantity 85 gr solid base in 6mm, and the same old 100 quantity box in 95 BT 6mm. Came from the late father of a friend. I wont burn them up on paper, but I suppose someday I should use at least some of them hunting.
I've had the same thoughts regarding component availability in general. Maybe, once the ammo market reaches saturation, components will become reasonably available again. Fingers crossed!