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Mar 14, 2014
Some years back I did a lot of work on my old M700 LH 7mm Mag. Just in time while checking some resized cases I noticed the trigger had started letting the hammer fall sometimes. I really looked it over and made a little change then adjusted it to a crisp 3 pound pull with a reduced sear engagement. It worked great for several years but I got nervous wondering when it might just fire on it's own so I put it in the safe.
Now I want it get it back in rotation but first a new trigger is required. (for me at least)
What I'm looking at is the Triggertech. I've looked at them before but they only offered a RH version then, now they also offer LH options.
Has anyone ever used one of these triggers?
What did you think of it?
Yes I have a LH REM Trigger Tech. It is not the Diamond it’s the standard one. I forget the model. I also own a number of Jewel triggers and a Timney Calvin. All left hand. The Trigger Tech is by far the best hunting trigger. The Jewel is great set in ounces on a BR gun, not great set in a lb or 2. They also are picky about being dirty and will fail. I don’t like the Calvin one bit.

So to reiterate, the Trigger Tech is a solid hunting trigger. The PRS guys use them a lot. They operate in the mud and dirt without hesitation.

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I've got a Jewel on my 338RUM. Awesome trigger but my next trigger will be a Trigger Tech because they are so robust.

I have one on a REM 700, and liked it enough I just received one for the Weatherby Mark V.

Very nice triggers.

I still think a regular Timney isn’t bad at all, especially for the cost, but these are definitely a step up. The Jewell is a VERY nice trigger, but less tolerant of dirt and usually more expensive.
Another vote for the Trigger Tech. I have one one my 338 Jarrett and on my 06.

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So far, I've had aftermarket triggers by Timney, Rifle Basix, and Trigger Tech. The Trigger Tech is easily the best feeling of the bunch for a hunting style trigger.
TriggerTech here as well. If I could put them in my Winchester’s I would.

Well, probably not but if they take a TT I look to them.
There is a trigger tech diamond set at 8oz in the 6.5 PRC I just got. I have to say it is a fantastic trigger. I really liked the timney elite hunter triggers in my Seekins havak rifles but this trigger tech might be better. It’s much lighter so hard to make a good comparison.

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I recently stripped down a Remington 788 and the safety & trigger are wornout.
Does anyone know where I can pick up a Trigger/Safety assembly from either Remington themselves or from Timney as no other companies manufacture them for that particular model.
Timney advised me that they are out of stock and do not know when they will be doing another run of them :(.
I am from the northside of the 49th and not sure if when they are available that I will be able to have them shipped up here.

Thanking you in advance for your help.

I had a Triggertech on a Cooper 22ML. Absolutely a great trigger.

Had Rifle Basix on the Nosler 48. I can't recommend them. Great service but could not get the rough creep out.

Most recently, replaced a Howa 1500 HACT with a Timney. Couldn't stand the two-stage in the HACT, although it was not a bad trigger. Three position bolt lock safety on the Timney.

My biggest issue on current Remington pattern triggers is the absence of a bolt lock safety. I insist on a bolt lock safety on my hunting rifles that are slung. Certainly not a requirement for match and Varmint rifles. This is why I sold my Nosler 48.
Jewell all the way ..

Have a 1980 700 7mag that shot the brake line and right front shock on my pickup one time .

Change the trigger...

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I really like the TT Special trigger. To me, they are perfection ( crank it down to "finesse" them in reg season/range, when your old hands get stiff with cold, crank it up!) They also work when gunked up with stuff few of us ever allow in our rifles! ha
I have shot several rifles with the Trigger Tech primary triggers, including a rifle I purchased that came with the TT primary. I did not like the feel of it at all. I have not shot a rifle with the TT Special or TT Diamond. I run Jewell on my hunting rifles never had an issue, give them a good rinse in lighter fuel every year and never looked back. My buddies who have purchased Christensen Arms Ridgelines have swapped out the TT Primary's and dropped in Jewell's.
After having used the TT that Scotty had put on the Whelen I put one in a 270 Win Rem 700 and couldn't be happier. Dan.
I've only owned one Jewell and that was on a heavy 6mm Rem. Varminter. It was indeed a very fine trigger, for me, it was too light for regular hunting. I like 1 1/2 to 2# normally. Being a crusty old guy now, my old hands get really stiff in the cold, so having the ability to crank up my trigger in the field to 3# really helps. I had a Kepplinger Single Set Trigger that was sweet...2# unset, a few ozs when set. My cold fingers missed a coyote when set, she circled around and I got her with it unset. Made a Believer out of me, ha. For sure, every "rifleman" loves a great Trigger, we can all agree to that! :)
The right hand trigger for the model 700 by Timney, Rifle Basix, and possibly others works just fine in the left hand model. You just have to reuse the safety and possibly counter-sink the safety hole.