Va Elk Lottery Hunt


Apr 30, 2016
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Best of luck to you. It is great to know that elk are again found in historic areas.
Living next door to you in WV I'm glad you folks are getting the chance to go after elk. Hopefully it will happen one day here. The DNR say our herd is doing pretty well so maybe my son or grandsons will get to hunt them some day. Good luck on the draw. Dan.
Best of luck to you on your elk draw.
We have an elk season here in MI. I apply every year and hope to get drawn.

The hunt for the 2022–2023 season will be held Saturday, October 8, 2022 – Friday, October 14, 2022. There are five (5) antlered elk tags available for this year's hunt via lottery. Application period for the elk lottery will open February 1, 2022, and close March 30, 2022. If You have any questions you can as here lottery-hunt.42843/.
Mods, this account is coming from a bot. Look at all of the posts: They follow a consistent format and are just regurgitations.
Chances of being drawn are razor slim, but I'm throwing my name in the hat. I live within spitting distance of the area they're opening up (well, 25 miles anyway) and I've seen a few while traveling to the mines the last couple years.

This 24 hr live cam is setup about 25 miles from the house. Although its currently offline and showing "reruns" lol
Good Luck buddy! I've put in for it too. Being born and raised in Virginia I never thought I'd have the opportunity hunt Elk in my home state.
Every one should have a chance to see Elk. Good for the folks of Virginia! Best of luck on your draw. CL
Good for you, and best of luck.

Missouri just had an elk season last year; I see it as a positive sign that there are new states opening up. Each new season, no matter how limited, shows us a win for reintroducing the species.