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Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
So you think you shoot a lot? (y)

Most of the fine people on this forum seem to be hunters, who do some tinkering with their loads, and do some shooting, year-round. That's a fine thing. A few are pretty enthusiastic varmint shooters, and it appears that there are very few competition shooters.

I used to compete, and hope to again. When I did, I shot my rifle a LOT more. Take an honest look at how much ammo you expend in a year and compare it to these:

A cowboy-action shooter I know here in town goes through about 30,000 rounds annually. Lever action rifle and single action handguns! .38's for the most part. Not 3,000, but 30,000 rounds... Yes, he's "pretty good." :)

NRA High Power rifle shooting is extremely popular in many areas of the country. There are thousands of competitors. A middle-of-the-road competitor may shoot two matches a month, let's figure on 100 rounds each match, plus a few more for sighters, a little practice, etc. Maybe 250 rounds a month from the rifle, for say 8 months a year, there's 2,000 rounds of center fire rifle ammo in a year! Many shoot far more than that.

So that competitor, if shooting a hot-rod cartridge, may need a new barrel every year, or every other year. I know quite a few of the higher-level competitors re-barrel every winter, some going through two barrels a year!

Most of us hunters will NEVER wear out even one barrel from our hunting rifles.

Then there are the "three-gun" and action-shooting competitors, who BURN through thousands of rounds of ammo, mostly .223 rifle & 9mm pistol. The amount of ammo an active competitor can burn through is staggering.

Some varmint shooters make big ammo expenditures during their varminting season, particularly the sage-rat shooters of Oregon & elsewhere. Tiny little sage rats make a woodchuck, or even a prairie dog, look like a HUGE target. And there are thousands of them. Tens of thousands. It's not unusual for a serious sage-rat shooter to go through 200+ rounds of ammo a day, in a good alfalfa field! Many bring extra rifles, allowing one to cool while they shoot the other, or one for close range and one or more for longer range targets. Easily a couple of thousand rounds a year...

So... If you waffle about buying and shooting another 100 of your chosen Nosler hunting bullets... Just smile and shake your head in wonder at the high-volume shooters & handloaders.

Ya, there's a reason Dillon is so popular. And no, the custom barrel makers aren't kept in business by deer hunters.

Just a glimpse into a world of high-volume shooting, that many of us never see.

Regards, Guy
That is a lot of shooting. I too hope to get back into competitive shooting sooner than later.

My daughter is getting a Kimber Ultra Carry II 45 ACP :) and I may have to look into getting a Dillion.
I created a monster! :)


Ya, it's hard to keep up with a single-stage press if loading hundreds or thousands of rounds...

Jim I might have a Square Deal B in a box that I'm not using if your interested I'll see if I can find it. I had 3 at one time and sold one but have one set up just to load .38 Wad cutters on plus a 550 RLB and a 450 that was converted to a 550 set up just for .45acp. You might say I'm Dillon poor.
I will admit most of my shooting is at Clays Trap & Skeet with most at Trap and I do shoot a little at ATA now that I'm not raising a Son anymore since he has grown now. I shoot around 5000 shotgun shells a year.
I have always thought shooting Trap is like shooting Pheasants here in Iowa they get up in front of you and go away just like shooting Trap. Where I have lived in Iowa I would of loved of to have shot High Powered Competion but it was not available where I live without traveling a great distance to shoot.
Good Shooting
Years ago, trap shooting helped me become a better pheasant shot. It's time to do more trap shooting. A couple of pheasants made my shotgun "skills" look pretty bad this past season... :oops:
Talking with some folks at the Beretta building at the Grand National Trap shoot, I asked why there were guys bringing in a DT-10 to be 're-built'? Their answer was that many trap shooters will shoot betweein 150-250,000 rounds of ammo a year. TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND ROUNDS!
The result is that the pins that hold the barrels in battery need to be lengthened and the shoulders set back. Happens with Browning and other brands as well.
Many of these shooters shoot just to get into the shoot-offs.
There was one shooter that shot over 600 rounds just to win ONE of the singles matches that year.
PD shooter friend of mine told me he'd taken 10,000 rounds of 22 LR ammo and another 2-3000 rounds of other rifle calibers out with him when he went on a 2-3 day pd shoot. Said that he normally came back with a bunch of empty brass and few, if any, loaded rounds.
Guy Miner":1t3bt9qi said:
Years ago, trap shooting helped me become a better pheasant shot. It's time to do more trap shooting. A couple of pheasants made my shotgun "skills" look pretty bad this past season... :oops:

The best advice I was ever given on shooting Pheasants was from my Father. Take your time they are not getting away, just let the shot develop and take them. When I was a teenager my Father went over 5 years without a miss on a Pheasant here in Iowa. When he was younger he had hunted a lot in both Iowa & South Dakota. He grew up helping at a Trap Range to make money but ended up shooting it all up as a Kid. He then became a hardware salesman and would get a couple trips a year with Remington & Winchester to try new guns and shells, and then go hunting Pheasants in South Dakota. Here is a couple Photos of him he is 80 in the Duck Hunting Picture and a Picture of him a couple years ago Pheasant hunting. All Wild Birds. Duck hunting in my Blind last year.


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I know most of the top PRS shooters shoot between 3K-6K rounds per year to stay on top of their game on a National level.
Well went and picked up my component buy today 5000 12ga wads 5000 Win 209 primers 11 bags of shot. Now the bad part No Powder came in I had placed a order for Alliant e3 8 lbs. I guess I will have to use my Green Dot. Oh well I think the powder situation is getting better it ain't fixed yet.

I think your daughter has a great opportunity as a model on Recoil! Tough, and beautiful, she has the looks of a real killer in advertising I'd say. Might help with college, or a side career? Besides, she actually does know how to use her sidearm correctly!