What bullet for the 280 rem.. Anyone used a 154 SST?


Mar 10, 2010
I'm thinking I want to try a little heavier bullet than I currently shoot in my 270 win, the 270 is a tack driver and freezer filler with the 140 AB. I'm leaning toward the 150's or maybe even bigger. A good all round bullet for deer and elk. Looking at the 150 ELD-X, the 150 ABLR, 150 AB, 150 BT, and even the 154 or 160 weights. Are the BT's, Eld-X, and SST's stout enough for elk? Any advice or experience with any of these or other similar bullets. I know Dr. Mike has a favorite 150 ABLR load. I'm shooting a Win Model 70 Featherweight. thanks
In my Featherweight (had two so far), I pretty well stuck with 139 grain HDY IL or 140 grain Sierra BT. This rifle has accounted for a few ton of game. If I need a more robust bullet, I have loads worked up with the 140 grain AB, 140 grain Partition, and 140 grain Swift A-Frame. However, I've never actually felt under-gunned with the InterLock or the Sierra. I do have a great load that has accounted for both elk and mule deer in my Remington. That load is built with the 150 grain ABLR. In what you're proposing for your featherweight, any of the bullets will work quite well for you. I probably lean more toward the AB or the BT out of bias, despite my own experience with the ABLR.
I roll 162 ELD-X under Reloder 26 at speeds faster than I should quote on the internet. This is in a featherweight as well. Very happy with the load. I also like 150 Partitions under your favorite 4350.

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I got rid of my .280 but if I still had it I’d really be tempted to try the 150 Accubonds. I think it’d be the optimum weight.
I have been very happy with Hdy 162 gr IL and 160 gr NPT's over the years in previous 280's..
My current 280 shoots the 140 gr AB very, but did not like the 150 gr ABLR at all (Dr Mike's load). It also shoots the Barnes 145 gr LRX well.
Will be trying the new 150 gr AB's once I can find some.

While I know many have successfully used the BT's, ELD-X's and SST's on elk, I personally prefer a stouter bullet for elk. I.e. AB's and PT's. That said, I have also successfully used SGK's and Winchester PowerPoints on elk.
This based on 35 years of hunting experience, and having harvested more than 20 elk in that time.

But as with any animal, at any range, with any cartridge, the bullet, regardless of manufacturer or construction type, must be placed properly to ensure its best performance.

Having an accurate load in your rifle, that you have confidence in, is important too.
Best of luck in your quest!
I shot quite a few deer with the 280 Rem and the 140 he BT. I also used the 140 gr PT to take a couple more. Although I moved to the 280 AI, I went to the 150 gr ABLR which flattens deer and would certainly work for elk. I'm about to start load development with the 150 gr AB and testing on some crop damage deer. I think this would be a good choice for you and your 280 Remington as well.

160 AB or Partition, the 160 is the mid weight for the 7 mm. caliber. I also use it in my 280AI, 7mm Mashburn, and 7 mm R Magnum.
I, in my own opinion, wouldn't hesitate to use a stout constructed 150 gr bullet. I wouldn't hesitate to use a sleek profile 160ish gr bullet from Hornady either.
It's up to your discretion.
You can safely get the 150's going to 3000 fps, and the 160's to 2900 fps.
It's one heck of a cartridge, and game getter.

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The 280 Remington is a fantastic cartridge that many knowledgeable hunters know and love. I used 140 gr. Partitions mostly in my .280 but the 140 gr. AccuBond would be superb as well. I could see the 150 gr. AccuBond or Partition also being excellent.

I do not have my 280 any longer but I do have a 280 AI. It has worked very well with 140 gr. Partitions and I just did some load work on the 140 gr. AccuBond. The rifle really likes that bullet and I know that it will perform on game. I did a lot of testing of the bullets in water jugs from 25-500 yards and was impressed with the E-tips, Accubonds, and Partitions. A 140-160 gr. bullet should serve you well.
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I roll 162 ELD-X under Reloder 26 at speeds faster than I should quote on the internet. This is in a featherweight as well. Very happy with the load. I also like 150 Partitions under your favorite 4350.

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Two others that I found a lot of success with are the 154 Interbond and the 150 Scirocco..Both are very accurate and pack quite a bit of thump.
I've played with 150, 150 and 160 gr. bullets in my .280 Rem. and my best results considering velocity and accuracy came with the old style Speer Grand Slam bullets. I won't pass on the load as the powder I use is no longer available. I will say that you can come close or maybe a bit faster with IMR 7828SSC. In my rifle it gave me the speed but not the accuracy.
I didn't bother much with 140 gr. bullets But did do some work with w 150 gr. Nosler Partitions and 150 gr. ABLRs. Accuracy was decent (1.0-1.25") with the Partitions but I never could get the ABLR to group worth spit; not in the .280 nor in three different 7x57 rifles. Still trying to figure that one out.
The powder that worked for me in the .260 was Winchester's long discontinued WMR (Winchester Magnum Rifle) and it's always worked just fine for me with the .270 and .300 Win. Mag. Funny thing it is does not work in the 30-06 and frankly, in that cartridge it's erratic as hell. Guess one can't have everything. :roll:
Paul B.
Thanks all for the replies and advise, hopefully I’ll let you know soon what I call m up with
When Nosler dropped the Solid Base bullet line-up I was forced to try something different. My 1st try turned out to be so good I never even looked at anything else. The 150gr BT.

Shot it for over a decade out of my 7RM, and then the same amount of time in my 7/08. Can't/Won't say anything bad about it.

It would be my 'try 1st" for any 7mm cartridge.
Has anyone ever used the 154 SST? I've used the 6.5mm 129, and the 277 cal 140, and the 7mm 139's. They have always worked but, others seem to do better, ie the Ballistic tip, the AccuBond and Partition. I've found a great deal on some 154 .284 cal. Just wondering if anyone has tried them in the real world. Maybe on Elk, like spike bulls and cows or something of that size. thanks
I shot them in the last 280 I had. They were accurate with about any decent powder I tried. I would rat it right in there with the Speer or Sierra 160, etc. It is one sleek bullet! Hope this helped. Jim
Ive used the 154 gr SST in a 7mm Rem Mag quite a bit for deer and pigs and it works very well with complete pass thru on most shots. I do not have any experience on elk. None of them running around the bayou!
I have a load with the 154 gr SST in my 280 AI and 162 gr in my 280 Rem, both are very accurate but I have only used the loads for Michigan deer. I get my SST's as factory seconds from MidwayUSA. The 160 gr AccuBond is my primary out of state bullet for both the 280 Rem and 280 AI.

Three years ago I hunted with two gentleman who took their Elk with 30 cal SST's (30-06 and a 300 WM), they put the Elk down solidly but they were careful to avoid heavy bone. The 7mm SST's in my experience, destroy more meat than the Accoubonds or Partitons when hitting bone - otherwise I believe the SST's put game down very nicely.

For meat hunting cows and spikes or for deer I would be open to using the 154 gr SST. Out of state hunts where I might have a shot on a big guy; well, then I tend to reach for the Accubonds or partitions.

FYI - In my experience and personal opinion with the 280 Rem the impact velocity generally isn't going to be high enough to require a bonded or monolithic bullet. They do provide peace of mind and can be helpful if one slips the bullet into heavy bone. FYI - factory 150 gr Remington Cor-lokts have worked well for me on a lot of game. However, the protected point at around 2800 fps doesn't like to expand unless bone is hit, so shoulder shots were my norm and even with both shoulders being hit they nearly always exited. I had a Cor-lokt go the length of a Springbuck (size of an Pronghorn - so 3'+ of penetration) with very low expansion.
I would have to say..... any bonded bullet is stout enough.

On the flip side... shot placement, with any bullet would do the trick. Although I think of Noslers experience with mud caked moose. Thanks GuyMiner for the refresher.

O'Connor states the most of the moose he got were with 130 Western Silver tips..... Which to me are some nice bullets. I sectioned one and noticed the double tapered jacket, one silver and the other copper.. should I say gilding, to the cannelure. I have silver tips with two cannelures.

I read alot of articles about Lung and heart shots. The best one I read is about when Les Bowman was out with O'Connor nailing a Bull Elk at "250 to 300 yds...through the ribs, angled down, high on the left side, through the lungs, and smashed the right shoulder.. the elk was down stone dead, before I could get another cartridge in the chamber. Les surveyed the damage.
"If anyone tells me the .270 isn't an elk cartridge, I'll tell him he's nuts"