What will be your cartridge/rifle of choice for this fall? Second?

After 40 years of using a .270 Winchester for Big Northern Whitetails, I had toyed with the idea of a .280. The 7mm bullet selection is vast compared to .277. When I saw the new Howa Superlite introduced last year at 4 1/2 lbs, I decided to try one in 7mm08! Toped it off with a Zeiss 3x9 , so right at 6lbs loaded! After a bit of research with Hornady Superformance ammo, 140gr @2950fps it is basically a .280 Rem in disguise! It has already acquired a 208lb Buck, one shot. A 250lb Black Bear and a Bull Moose last fall! So I bet you can guess which gun we will likely be using this fall???
Was using the SST bullets for deer. But the bear and Moose where both shot with Hornadys new Copper bullets, both performed perfectly.
I like the Superlite and gotta take my hat off to the 7mm it is a performer for sure, very pleased.


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Either a 280AI with 150 BT’s or a 7-08 with 140 AB’s. Both are H-S Precision 2000’ S. I’ve been a 7mm fan all my life with rifles in 7BR, 7mm REM Mag, 7x57, and 280 REM passing through my cabinet over the years. The 7-08 in a Sako AII became my most used for deer but the 280 REM was a close second. Both the H-S and the Sako have a safety that locks the bolt closed, which is a requirement for any rifle that I carry in hand.
Considering using my son’s Ruger Hawkeye all weather in .338 Federal with Speer 200 gr Hot-Cors at just under 2500 fps, but also will take my Marlin XL-7 in .270 Win. The 130 gr Hornady Spire Point at 2950 fps did a good job on the mule deer in my avatar two years ago. Thankful I got drawn for a tag in Montana this year!
My new Browning Xbolt Hells Canyon Speed Long Range 280AI. Still haven't shot it. Bullets going to try Hornady bullets.
ELD X 162 gr 175 gr
ELD M 162 gr 180 gr
Berger VLD 168 gr
150 gr and 168 gr Classic Hunter
Nosler AccuBond LR 168 gr .
New weatherby vanguard Outfitter 300 wby .
Haven't gotten it in yet.
Hornady ELD X 178 gr 200 gr
ELD M 195 gr

Arkansas passed straight wall cartridge . During muzzle loader season.
So I picked up one.
Ruger American Gen 2 450 bushmaster
Hornady 250 gr flex tip.