Where to buy Weatherby 300 Mag Nosler Partitions, 180 grain?


Feb 6, 2022
I've don't reload, and have used partitions in my Wby 300 mag for years. Best bullet by far for on game performance IMO but it seems that nobody is making ammo anymore. Nosler Custom site stopped listing them, Wby stopped offering, etc. I've only found one company offering them and the reviews aren't too good for them. I don't want to reload myself because I'm just a hunter and don't shoot enough to spend the time and money reloading. I sent a message to Weatherby and they didn't answer me.
So does anyone know where I can find them or, if Nosler is watching this, please bring them back. Other Wby forums I've looked at show a large demand but no supply out there. Thanks for any help.
I see 3 options:

1. Work with a friend who reloads, if you have one, to develop 180 Partitions loads for your rifle. You buy components, they help assemble.

2. Contact one of the custom ammo companies about making ammunition for you. Not cheap, but you'll get your Partition load.

3. Try a different ammo. If limited to factory ammo, the 180 TTSX load would be a solid performer from Weatherby. Not inexpensive, but it's far cheaper to buy 2 boxes of this than to buy the components to develop a load yourself since you have to buy in bulk.
Thanks for the reply. I have no friends lol, at least none that reload.
I have used other ammo and have had good luck with spire points which is all that weatherby offered in factory loads for years. It's a good backup but partitions are still the sledge hammer for me. I also bought a box of accubonds but haven't tried them. Nosler's FAQs says the AccuBond was designed to mimic the Partition but users won't see a gain switching to them, which makes me wonder why switch, along with a few reports of the AB exploding at close range on game.?
The custom ammo shop sounds like a good option. I know nothing about them. Any you can recommend? I wish Nosler's custom shop still offered them.
Ammo price is not a concern for me, within reason of course. I've always said that by the time a hunter gets to take a shot, the ammo is the least expensive, and most important, item of the hunt. I do use spire points at the shooting range though to save a buck and they have the same ballistics which is all that really matters for sighting in.
I thought I had seen an advertisement from Weatherby recently that said they were offering Wby factory ammo for sale.
Maybe now would be a good time to get started with reloading. You have a ton of resources here to help you along the way.

Copper Creek and Hammer Bullets come to mind.
I'm sure that Google could find others as well.