Young Buck

Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Young mule deer buck with some decent potential. Spotted him this morning when Maverick the GWP dog and I were out and about with the camera. He was on private property, but really close to the road. Took the photo from the Jeep. I hope he makes it through the season, he's likely to get considerably bigger & better over the next few years. :

Awesome pic Guy!

That is a magnificent young buck. Hopefully he survives several years in a row. It would be nice to how he matures.


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Hope he gets the chance to live some more years.
Will be worth taking then

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Well, he knows to stay on private land. Now he needs to know how to stay far away from roads. Finally he has to find the tree where the hunting season calendar is posted so he knows when to practice both of the above.
He is definitely a handsome young buck. I've seen a good number of mule deer this fall, and a couple of very large mulie bucks. They are certainly a handsome animal.