2016 Bullet Wish List

I'd also like to see a .338 300gr ABLR for my Lapua with a G1 BC around .8 or better.

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Would like to see someone (anyone) make a good run of .250-3000 brass so I can get some finally.

.257-87 grain Partitions for the aforementioned

.308-125 grain E-tip
gerry":tx9ryvld said:
- 250 gr 35 cal AccuBond for those who run faster twist 35 cal rifles.

- 150 gr 6.5mm Nosler Partition, AccuBond or a streamlined Bonded Solid Base.

- 26 Nosler brass, keep the same price as the 25 count but increase it to a 50 count box. The stuff is just way too expensive.

- 308 Norma Mag brass at the same pricing as the 264 WM or 270 Wby in a 50 count box.

In the 7+ months since this was posted. I still like the 250 gr 358 and the 6.5mm 150 gr for bullets. I probably won't get a 26 Nosler but still think the brass is too expensive, Norma 308 Norma brass is topnotch and I would be happy with it.

Going to add a 100 gr E Tip in 6.5mm for the smaller 6.5's, it is nice to keep the speed high to make sure it expands properly.
High BC .257 diameter hunting bullet; preferably an AccuBond but anything that will allow better alar ballistics. Berger is the only manufacturer somewhat pushing aerodynamics on .257. (Beat their pricing too, please!)
All of the above listed bullets and other stuff, AND a steady supply of all AccuBond bullets, as many of us shoot all year 'round, not just around hunting season.

To be quite honest how about just keeping up with production on what you have available for awhile? I heard each bullet now only gets made 2 times each year?
well for all you who crave a 224" 55gr lead free ballistic tip - this is your year!! For the rest...maybe 2017
My wish also, let's get the prices down. Even our beloved nosler cashed in on the fear mongering of the last two elections. But hey but so did everyone else selling bullets, powder, ammo and guns.
I'd like to see a .475 pistol bullet. Several releases of the .480 along with seasonal runs has made it impossible to find .475 jacketed hollow points.

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A 200gr .358 PT would be nice and more .358 production so I don't have to set on the SPS web site waiting for releases so I can purchase bullets. It seems the .358 is the red headed step child of all manufactures.
tim629":ontxx90g said:
larger facilities to keep up with current bullet demands?

hate to be the complainer but hard to get excited about a new Nosler bullet when can't find "current model" bullets in stock

Add me to that list.

I've been trying for the last six months to get my hands on some 115gr .257 BT's or AB.

My .25-06 loves them.
todbartell":1r6wryik said:
well for all you who crave a 224" 55gr lead free ballistic tip - this is your year!! For the rest...maybe 2017

Mr Bartell is an owner in a sporting goods store, I think he is telling us not to expect much this year ;) time will tell one way or the other...........
wildgene":2mmh0vsx said:
...uhhh, high BC 220gr.+ .323 AB/ ABLR... :roll: :idea: (y) :mrgreen:
Exactly what I was going to ask for: 220-230 gr .323" AB or ABLR. Or any heavier, higher BC 8mm bullets. It's a small market, but there is a market. Just about everyone who has or had or ever thought about getting an 8 mag wished for higher BC bullets.

If those higher BC bullets were in a 32 Nosler, in an M48 perhaps, it'd be even better :grin:

On a separate train of thought, I agree with everyone asking for .257" ABLR.
I'm currently building a 6.5mm, mostly because of the MUCH higher BC bullets available in .264". My 25-06 may not see much more action. :(