25-06 future

When I started out handloading, I had a young family, worked long hours and had very little "just for me" money. I would buy range brass for my old 1917 Enfield, and kept about a 100 loaded for practice. In my 280 (Ruger 77) I just bought 2 boxes of factory loads and hunted/shot with them then rotated them in handloads. Same with the 257 Roberts Ackley Imp (Mod 700 Classic) I later went to the 7mm RM and started out 2 boxes of factory's, then bought 50 new brass later. Went 10 years using those. So, if you like to shoot "alot" then a 223 or so or 308/30-06 etc is your baby, and keep your round count low on a Specialty Round that has costlier brass. Don't use it as a plinker. Bottom line..."we spend money on what we "want" to spend money on". lol
As much as I love the 25/06, it just makes more sense these days to have a 6.5/06...It just does everything better. I'll probably do a 6.5/06 with a 26" tube after my 6 creed shoots out for a LR coyote/steel rifle. But then I have the brass issue...haha
In the late 90's I had a SA Mod 700 made up in 6.5x284, specifically using the short throated reamer and used nothing but 120/125 gr bullets. It was a bolt of lightning on deer/antelope. That particular rifle was a poor feeder, even after alot of work, that last round would fly out! I traded it off, but always thought if I had another 6.5 anything it would be on a long action. The 6.5/280AI on a long action always intrigued me, but other rounds found their way in my hands. Last rifle I had rebarreled was in 7x57. I "almost" had it reamed out to the 280AI...
but just said no!" lol
PS Last week I bought a Mod 700 that had a heavier, fluted 25-06 screwed on. Gotta see if its a shooter. If not, well, that might be my 6.5 project!
I, like many of you, am a 25-06 fan. But I have to wonder what it's future is. It seems to be one of the most neglected cartridges around. You cannot buy good brass for it - Lapua, ADG, Peterson, etc. never has and never will manufacture it. I believe there used to be Nosler brass but they took it off their list. Norma made 25-06 brass but when is the last time that was available. REM seems to be making brass again but they don't even list the 25-06, no support for their own cartridge. And who knows about WIN, I haven't seen it in years - like 5 years. Maybe no-one will make brass for the 25-06 ever again?! I could neck 270 down, but these days there are so many cartridges I can find good brass for, I'm more inclined to go that route. Is the 25-06 dead? Time for me to move on?
It's a very much under-rated cartridge Bob. I've shot 25-06 for around 30years & always loaded my own ammunition. I've never had any complaints about Norma brass & use it all the time... however I live in UK & it's always been pretty easy to get here. (Or it has been easy to get) I haven't needed to buy any for a while. The hard part would be getting it shipped into USA with the import regs you have there. For sure I know I'll only give up my 25-06 when I log off this planet ;)
I have my Grandad's 25-06 he built before Remington standardized it. It has a long neck and is actually a 25-270 so he could make brass from 270 brass and not have to trim so much. Either brass works well. I use a Sinclair comparator to speed up load development when using different bullets and brass. It is the rifle I have the most confidence in that it will hit what I am aiming at, cold or hot barrel, light bullet or heavy. I don't have a nearby place to shoot or hunt long range much past a 1/4 mile, so the bullets it uses, shoot about a flat as can be at those distances.
Just started working with my new to me Sako 85 that was re-barreled to 6.5-06 1:9 twist, 22" barrel. The previous owner sent along a bunch of 1x brass, but a lot of it is kinda short, 2.480" and less. In the .25-06's I had I tried to stick with 2.482-.484". I haven't gotten to work with it much yet, trying to practice for Quigley. I was told the 1:9 would be good for 140 gr bullets, so that's where I'm starting. I've tried IMR 4831 because I had it, not much for speed yet but I started at the lowest numbers. I've got H1000 and IMR 4350 to work with, too, and some 7828SSC on the way. Good to know there's some folks on here with experience with this oddball. I wouldn't have bought the rifle if it wasn't the 85 and the deal included Redding dies and two sets of 30mm rings. I think it will be fun to work with.
While supply and demand must play into the equation, I think the real reason we are seeing seasonal productions at best of cartridges like the .25-06 is due chiefly to wanting to push the newer rifles and cartridges. I mean the .25-06 was never as popular as the .270 or .30-06 but it also is not the .25-20 Single Shot or .45-75 either. The .25-06 has nearly single-handedly kept the .257 caliber afloat. Oh, there are the various clubs for each of the other .25-cal rounds but were it not for the .25-06, I think the .257 caliber popularity would have largely dwindled by now.

I find that I don't use my favorite .25-06 like I traditionally have these days. For a lot of years it was my truck gun and a favorite sometimes deer rifle. I use my .30-06 for most of my hunts with my .270 now usually playing second fiddle, the spot my .25-06 formerly held.

As much as I love the .25-06, if components become even tougher to find, I may rebarrel to something else when the time comes. Probably another .270 for that matter.
It could definitely be worse. Try being in the 257 Roberts fan club! Finding brass is rough and 110 Accubonds were MIA for the better part of two years. Furthermore, the cost of a box of Nosler ammo will leave you scratching your head in disbelief.
Our family loves the cartridge and it’s been very good to us, but component availability and cost make me think about jumping ship to (dare I say) the 6.5 Creedmoor that seems to have a ton more support.

That is what I do lately.
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Have a great hunt Fotis. I’m very interested in the performance of the 338 RPM and Hammers. Sounds like an excellent combo.