280AI Rebuild


Feb 7, 2022
My beloved 280AI is in the shop being rebuilt because of the inconsistent nature that the old barrel proved itself to have.

This time, it’s getting a medium sporter (think Bartlein’s 2b contour) with straight flutes, and a slimmer stock — a Remington 700 KS stock I got from ebay.

It’ll be a 280 Ackley again.

What barrel length should I go with? The gunsmith has it down as a 24” but I can change that when I see him on monday.

24" sounds good unless you want to use a can. Not able to use those here but it seems that guys in other countries are going 18-20". Sounds like a really sweet build, like a Remington KS mountain rifle but with top notch barrel..
So I guess the peanut gallery thinks that 24” is fine and I shouldn’t consider shorter?

Were it me, I would stick to the 24" pipe for all around use and performance.
(My 280 Rem wears a 24" barrel and is at home in the bush, on the mountain or out on the prairie!)

There’s something sexy to me about a 280 Rem wearing a 24” barrel. I don’t know what about it gets my goat, but it surely does
Put me down for 22" but I am the odd man out here I guess. I love a great handling rifle for 270/280 sized rifles. I reserve the 24's-26's for the bigger cartridges.
I like a 24” barrel on all of my long action standard cartridge (not magnum) rifles. Although even on some magnums I still prefer 24” barrels too.
That's a very nice looking rig. I'm betting it will be a shooter.