30-06 & 150gr TTSX


Mar 23, 2017
Yesterday I scrubbed the barrel clean to give this rifle another chance. As I have mentioned many times I have tried many bullet and powder combos , most would have given up along time ago. This rifle will only shoot 210gr Berger VLDs over RL-17. I bought a bunch of Barnes 130 & 150 grain TTSXs that were pulled. The 150s only have 2 rings cut into them vs 4 on the normal 150gr bullet , odd. Using the oblong flash hole Winchester brass and QL I came up with a good velocity on a BT node (1.0126). I ran 5 rounds through the Magnetospeed and with the adjusted BA everything matches up good.
RL-17 + TD
150gr TTSX
3.270” COAL
Fed 210
Results are hard to read (phone won’t focus)
I loaded up some to try on paper when I get time. Barnes list their ammo at 3000fps for this bullet.
For deer, nothing wrong with that 210 Berger either... I've taken a few mule deer with Bergers, including one last October. Accurate & lethal.

But I'm glad you seem to have found a good load with the 150's as well. :)

Regards, Guy