95 gr Ballistic tip or 100 gr Partition for deer out of the 243?

Both will work just fine for deer. I have used the 120 BT out of a 6.5 Creed at 3025 fps at 100 to 210 yards, complete pass through double lunged. I have used Ballistic Tips for deer more for hunting than any other game bullet with different rifles. Just purchased a stash of 120 BT at MidSouth Shooters Supply.
The Partition is a great bullet too. Back in the 90's, I once shot a nilgai with a 140 Partition with a 7 STW, the tough critter was facing me, and the 140 Partition hit him in the chest, and dropped him so fast. I never seen one drop like that and it destroyed the heart and lungs.
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I have used both. My first choice would be the 100gr PT. Always dropped the deer. Got good exit wound and internal damage. If I was using a 243 again this would be my go-to bullet. Dan.

I haven't used the PT, but I've killed a buck and doe with the 95 BT in my .243. Both were 1-shot kills (on the same day); doe was about a 50yd shot, DRT; buck was about a 75yd shot, and ran about 50yd. The bullet didn't shoot thru the buck, so not much blood from the wound. But after he went a little way, he was spraying from nose and mouth pretty good.

Excellent accuracy from this bullet, as well.

Other bullets that I have used well in this cartridge are the Sierra 100gr GameKing SP and the 85gr GKHP. In fact, I used the 85gr to take the nice 10pt last fall, DRT.

Here's the buck I killed with the 95 BT.



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"and the 85gr GKHP. In fact, I used the 85gr to take the nice 10pt last fall, DRT."

Tis a great little bullet. Reliably opens up like a good controlled expansion bullet of a softer nature, but honestly penetrates more in line with a premium bullet. It's a really good match for the 243 or 6mm. In todays world you shoot what you got and just about any will work, but I certainly wouldn't pass this bullet up if it's in my stash. A couple 6mm's I tested with it really like 47.5 gr's of IMR 4831.
John and I have done real well with the 95 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip from the 6mm Remington on mule deer near and far.

Not a doggone thing wrong with the 100 grain Partition though. That would likely be my first choice if I knew ranges were going to be short.

Which would you all suggest for deer out of the 243? I have never used the 95 gr ballistic tip but have used the 120 gr in 7mm and love the results. I have used the Partition in 243 and killed deer dead just did not get the blood trail I wanted. Any suggestions from first hand experience is appreciated.
I would shoot whichever is more accurate......which is typically the BT. I took an Antelope at 140 yards with a 95gr. BT and it worked very well......complete pass through on a broadside shot.......good expansion/exit.
I only shot the 100 gr PT in the only 243 I've had, over 30 years ago. Worked fine on our large northern whitetail and mule deer.
Wouldn't hesitate to use the BT, as my experience with this bullet in other calibers, has proven to be reliable for on-game performance.
Use the one that shoots best in your rifle.
Last 243 that I had used both. Preferred the 100gr PT bigger exit, more damage never had a problem with a PT in any caliber. Dan.
Used the Nosler 95gn BT for years on Roe & Red deer in Scotland... bullet placement is important especially on the large Red deer... but have brought down stags in the rut. Using Viht. N160 I never had problems but upgraded in 2003 to .25-06.
I found heavier bullets than 95gn in my .243 didn't stabilise so well, nor were they as accurate. I never used the Partition bullet.
I shot all my deer with the 243 with 85 and 100gr Sierra gamekings.
Between the two...Partition...but if I were reloading it would be the 85gr Sierra HPBT. Shot a lot of deer in Arizona with that bullet...none ever went anywhere! Legendary bullet among many 243 shooters.
I'd opt for the BT all day long and my personal reason on why...

My Dad was on a 6mm/243 kick for a few years and found the following on Pennsylvania Whitetail Deer...

The BT will offer you great expansion no matter what where the Partition in certain instances may not offer the same.
I'm not saying the Partition won't expand but there can be instances where the BT just expands more. Doesn't take much to jam that plastic tip back into the bullet and start expansion.

Obviously shot placement is key and certainly becomes even more paramount using smaller diameter bullets like the 6mm.
That said, in the real hunting world we don't always make the perfect shot. It's always the goal but that doesn't always happen as planned and the BT is going to expand pretty good no matter
I have had NBT's, AB's, and yes even Partitions shoot really tight groups.
Would I give the edge to the AB and NBT? Yes.
But not enough to matter on game at the distance most people kill stuff at.
Longest for a 140 Partition (7mm-08 performance level/15.75" 284 Winchester) was 540 yards on a bull elk. Found the bullet just on the far side, just under the skin.
Shoot what you can find, and what shoots best for you, and go kill stuff 😁