About to lose me as customer:(

I have never worked with a blemished bullet, what is the issue with them? What is the blemish, does a bullet with blemish have the same level of accuracy as a factory (no blemish) bullet? I understand that they are discounted for a reason but price was not the issue for me access to the ammunition or bullets. Any insight would be appreciated.
Honestly I never notice a difference in how they perform.
Sometimes water spotting or crooked tips , but shoot well.
I have brand preference, not brand loyalty. I also load, so that gives me some advantages.

If you want to be confident in your shooting, you need to shoot, and you need to shoot with the load you will use when the time comes.
I too have the same problem. My rifle and scope is set up for the Nosler 190 grain AccuBond long range trophy grade ammo in 300 WSM. I havent seen or heard anything back from Nosler about this round. I cant find any 300WSM ammo from Nosler anywhere. Have my name on so many waiting lists but no ammo yet.
Curious if guys are finding Nosler ammunition in some of the newer 6.5 range of cartridges? Or if there are any cartridges in Nosler ammo that seem to show up more often? I do not want any ammunition, but I'm wondering if they're just playing to the marketplace?
You can check with this company.
I never used them so I can’t say if they are any good. Shows 4 boxes in stock. Maybe another member on here could chime in if they heard of them.
I have used them for some other calibers as they are located not too far from me. Good quality ammunition and accurate enough for good hunting. A little pricey on some things, but they usually have inventory when others will not.