Anyone reload 9mm Luger?

When we used to load 9mm we tried many powders for 115-124 lead bullets. We had the best luck with Unique
I used to shoot bullseye matches . I shot around 10,000 rounds a year . I couldn't keep up with a turret top press , I bought a Hornady progressive press with the brass feeder attachment . my comp shooting buddies used Dillon presses . one guy had a 650 , the other guy used a square deal . they all make good ammo . if you're plinking you should be able to buy ammo for the 9mm cheap enough to make reloading it about senseless . the last stage on my press was a Lee factory crimp die . it has a carbide resizing ring that will size the OD of the case on the way out , incase you get one that is swelled a little . I never had a failure to feed after I started to use the Lee die .

I made a couple of brass catchers . the first one I made out of 1/2" EMT . it worked well . was a little heavy on the tripod , as you would get a bunch of brass in it , it would fall over from the brass weight . so I made one out of steel brake line tubing. I use 1/4" for all it , except for the pivots , they were 5/16 . I then pull a mesh laundry bag over the metal frame . this one worked great . I made one for both of my buddies , and a few guys I'd meet at matches had me make them one . a few guys laughed when they first saw them , but in a few weeks they asked if I would make them one .

I haven't shot bullseye for a while , this gave me an excuse to drag my stuff out for a few pics . this is how I'd be set up at a shoot . this bench is way to low , but you'll have the idea .

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close ups of the brass catchers .

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this one will fold about flat too . I'm at the pic limit .
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That's a lot of brass catcher Jim. I've got two that were made by someone else, and one had to be clamped on the shooting bench to keep it from falling over, the other one has a heavy plate base. I took one and made a new shaft for the basket and made brackets to mount it on the side of a .45acp ammo can which serves a dual purpose to carry both ammo and spent brass.
Got a match the weekend of Sept. 17-18, the Walt Wise pistol match in Harrisburg.
Easier to just put a link up than explain. I just googled it and copied the first link that came up. Basically the same concept as seeing what the max overall length is for a particular bullet in a particular chamber in a rifle when you're reloading. I don't go to the lengths of coloring up bullets as in this article, but I just got the bullet I was using seated deep enough for the chamber in my 9mm, and set the die and was done.

As was mentioned above, when ammo is readily available and running cheap, you almost can't mess with reloading pistol if you're just a recreational shooter like I am and not a serious pistol shooter. But I don't like to depend on something that might not be available. I got plenty here to load up what I need when I want, so that's how I do it.
And sometimes you can get it to seat a little longer and still feed reliable. Started doing the "plunk" before I knew it was a thing. It's a big help in semi's and no need for revolvers.