Big Bullet test!!! Lots of Pics!!!

Great stuff!

Reaffirms what I have experienced with some of these bullets on game.

While I do not have much experience with the Fusion or Deep Curl bullets myself, I have had great reports from customers over the years on the Fusion ammo, its accuracy and on-game performance.
Have not heard of a single person whose rifle would not shoot them at least acceptably well.

I know I will be trying the Fusion ammo in my 30-30. Would love to see how the 170 bullet does.
Excellent! Great experiments with a variety of bullets and calibers. Thank you for sharing. It re-affirms my interest in using the 180 AB in a 300 WSM for elk. I think I may pick up a box of the 150 gr. fusions to try for deer. I just happen to know there a couple of boxes at the LGS.

I have seen nothing but great from the Fusions. Rocky Mountain Reloading has a good deal on Fusion pulldowns. Usually an accurate Bullet as well.