bovine tuberculosis in deer


Feb 13, 2016
Just a heads up. Never seen it in the deer I have harvested, hope I ever don't.

That article is from 2018, and this isn't a new issue at all.
There are a couple of counties in NE MI that have a special TB zone, and have for a long time.

Near the end of the article it talks about TB plans going back to 2008.
Patrick is correct. TB has been an issue here in 2-3 counties in the NE lower peninsula for several years . I still take a look at the lungs (or what's left of them), liver and chest cavity.
CWD is a different issue and has to be checked by a lab. Heads are sent to Lansing for testing. I shot a big doe 43-4 years ago that tested positive for CWD. There were about 15 that came out into the beans and they all acted normal. No other deer have tested positive since. Although the meat was disposed of, I feel that my bullet contributed to preventing the disease from spreading.

TB can be very subtle, learn where the lymph nodes and also check lungs. I have seen it up close. This is why the 'gutless' method is not a great idea where this is concerned. Don't get too close to any deer breathing it's last!
However, whilst I wouldn't knowingly eat it, thoroughly cooked venison will be fine.