Classified Posting Suggestions


Jul 1, 2013
Below are the suggestions for posting your classified ads:
  1. New registrants may not post anything for sale. Sorry Beginners, you're too new and need to contribute a little to the community by creating and responding to posts. How can we trust you if don't know you?
  2. Use the prefix when creating your ad. is the item for sale, trade or both? Once the item is sold, come back and change your listing to Sold.
  3. Include clear photos of item you're selling. Using a Polaroid Instant Camera just wont cut it!
  4. Be descriptive. Please include details about the item you're selling. It may be obvious to you, but interested buyers need information to make their purchase.
  5. Include a price. Save time by including the price or OBO with your listing.
  6. How do you want to be paid? Cash, Check, Venmo, Paypal. There are a lot of different options, so be sure to include how you'd like to be paid.
  7. How will it be delivered? Be sure to include a little info about shipping. "$10 shipping anywhere in the US".
  8. Send private messages. Discuss the details via the "Start Conversation" feature when you click a users name.