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Sep 30, 2004
I’m struggling to find an optic for my 416 ruger. I’m looking for a low power variable with 1-2x on the low end and 6-8 on the top end. There are a few options in this range not too I’m not that impressed with the available reticles.

Many have complicated Christmas tree tactical reflreticles and the others have too fine duplex reticles. The fact that this rifle could very likely be used in low light or heavy brushy environments leads m to east s heavier reticle, something simple and intuitive.

In a perfect world a leupold vx3 1.5-5 with German #1 post reticle Is my ideal. A German #4 would work, especially with a lighted reticle. Sadly leupold has shut down its custom shop. The current options from leupold are fine crosshairs duplex.

The closest thing that fills my requirements is the trijicon 1-6 accupoint with German #4 lit reticle. I’d Luke to take a look thru one to be sure I like the reticle. The trijicon post doesn’t have the three heavy cross hairs of a conventional German #1 post. I find the horizontal bars really help with moving shots on game.

Any recommendations that I have missed? Whatever I get had to be able to stand up to the punishing recoil or the 416 ruger.


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I was looking at this the other day. I have one of their 1-6x24 AR Optics scopes, and I'm pleased with it. This has the same guts, just cosmetic differences and reticle, geared more towards traditional hunting usage. I can't speak to the longevity, but it does have a lifetime warranty and I have heard that Bushnell has really stepped up their game on quality lately. These scopes are made in South Korea.

For my M21 375 H&H Mag, it has a Leupold VX-5HD 2-10x42mm with a Fire Dot duplex reticle.
It's very bright in low light and the Fire Dot jumps out for quick target acquisition.



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Have you looked at
Nightforce? Also because I am a Swarovski fan here is the one I would choose in your shoes. I can’t afford one but maybe you can


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A lot of these low power scopes are designed for gas guns , wonder how long they would last on your 416.
I picked up a couple of used 1.5-6x42 scopes for my 376 Steyr and 9.3x62 (S&B and Kahles, respectively) for in the $600-700 CDN range. Older scopes w/ #4 reticles, but in very good shape and excellent glass condition. Have been able to produce 1/2" groups with these rifle/scope combos, and have worked on moose so far. Very happy with them. (Missed out on a Zeiss in the same configuration for the same price)SR
They are 30mm scopes, so a little heavier than my Leupold VX-III 1.5-5x20 scopes, but not a concern as these aren't mountain rifles to begin with.
Might be an option for you if you come across one.
I have a Leupold VX3 1.5x5 with the Heavy Duplex. I prefer the standard duplex and would be willing to part with this one. I had it on a Ruger No 1S 45-70.
As expected it was perfect for this purpose. Easily zeroed and shot very well. Factory Hornady 400s at 100 yards


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I ended up getting a 1.2-5x36 ziess with #4 reticle. I think it will make for a great optic on this 416 ruger.
I was going to recommend this but I see you picked the cream of the crop. Don't think you can go wrong with that one. I have it on my M70 338WM.


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For my M21 375 H&H Mag, it has a Leupold VX-5HD 2-10x42mm with a Fire Dot duplex reticle.
It's very bright in low light and the Fire Dot jumps out for quick target acquisition.

Boy that has to be a good option for a do all scope. Probably kinda spendy....but if it can actually do all that its supposed to... There used to be a 2.5-8 VX3i (I think) that I always thought would fill that bill too. Ive thought about the Burris' too...CL