Difference you have seen.......


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Oct 30, 2004
In computer generated ballistic tables (IE Streloc or applied ballistics) versus real life drops.
Not talking about the wind or variable gusts of winds here, cause that can mess everything up.
Just curious.


Oct 28, 2008
As long as the right data (BC, MV, atmosphere, etc.) is put in Applied Ballistics has been close enough that I haven't noticed any variance.

It should be noted though... I'm not shooting paper, but mostly coyotes, groundhogs, and deer... and some steel.

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Aug 15, 2016
Hey Fotis,

There will be slight differences in computer
calculations compared to actual field experience, no matter what.
I have noticed it gets you very close to actual field experience, but as humans, it's hard to come up with exact numbers to extrapolate for the computer sims, unless you carry several pieces of equipment with you, like a wind guage, an altimeter, and barometer. Plus having a lazer range finder on top of everything else.
I´m pretty sure that in the small print, some where, it says all calculations are approximate values.
All of the data that is entered woukd have to be exact, and as we are human beings, we're not anywhere close to being perfect, or coming up with perfect data to enter into any ballistic programs.


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Dec 24, 2006
I use BULLET DROP + On my IPhone. I’ve got all of them and still use Bullet drop plus since our to 600 yards I haven’t needed all of the extra features of AP Ballistics or whatever and BD+ is super fast for me to manipulate and offers what I need quickly. I haven’t seen variance on any of them, but again I don’t have the opportunity to shoot past 600.


Nov 17, 2005
The more accurate data you put in, the more accurate data you will see. Most of the time you wont see much difference out to around 500/600 yards, after that you really need to put in exact data to be close past that in my experience anyway. I've been a few inches off out to 1K with some calibers, and a couple few feet out to 1400 with others. All just depends really. That's why getting out and shooting and verifying is a must past 500 or 600. I use strelok pro.


Range Officer
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Oct 30, 2004
Cool I just wanted to see what huge differences (or not) you guys have seen


Aug 14, 2017
I have been using the Ballistic AE app coupled with Leupold
CDL scopes and have had good luck. I am off the bench and primarily shoot from hunting positions which add another variable. The steel are 12x12 inch and the app and my choreographed load data allow for consistent clanging of the gongs. The range where I shoot has various steel targets out to 2000 yds. I primarily practice on 250,350,400 and 500 yards targets. While hunting, 400 yards with a good rest is my limit.
BTW, the Cameo Shooting Complex near Grand Junction, Co is an excellent range with many pistol, rifle ranges, shotgun (sporting clays) and long-range steel course. The range just opened two new sporting clay courses that were set up by personnel from the USA Olympic group in Colorado Springs. They have also hired trained phycologist to help rebuild your shoot ego following a session on the southern course. They are planning a biathlon course using mountain bikes.