Favorite Goose Shotgun


Feb 6, 2012
Specifically for Geese and Ducks. What has worked best for you as we are about to purchase something and would appreciate your suggestions. Thank you
John, you will get several different suggestions and they will all be good ones-- Browning, Remington, Benelli are used by a lot of goose hunters.
I bought a Browning BPS 10 gauge and used it on only two geese hunts, oh boy, that 10 gauge sure can reach out and touch them with that steel 30 inch barrel. I no longer goose or duck hunt and I sent it off to Point Blank to sell for me through a FFL and shipped to your destination.

It's in excellent condition and comes with 3 choke tubes and I also included two free full boxes of 3 1/2 inch magnums in steel shot, It's Winchester Drylock BBB and Federal Blackcloud in #2. If you or anyone is interested, just PM me for pictures and contact information for the dealer.

A 12 gauge would suffice as well, I just use it for whitewing hunting. Europe mentioned good brands that I would choose.
I’ve shot a number of geese with my plain old Remington 11-87 premier. It is still my favorite shotgun for most applications. I picked up a used Browning Gold Hunter this year for solely waterfowl, so my wood/blue 11-87 didn’t have to get soaked on duck hunts. I have yet to take a duck or goose with it but it patterns well with quite a few loads. Find a gun that fits and roll with it! I shot a few benelli super black eagle 2s and I just can’t seem to hit anything with them. Yet, I limited on rooster pheasant with a friends Franchi Infinity 3 20 ga. There’s a lot of good options out there, just find one that fits and go kill stuff!

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For waterfowl, I really like the Benelli M2 or SBE3 depending on 3" or 3.5" shells. I did pick my son up a Stoeger 3500 this year which is basically a SBE2 copy made in Turkey.

That said- I'm not all that sold on 3.5" shells for the most part. I think you can do without them, especially running the new tungsten shot. I had excellent results with Hevi-X this year in my 3" M2.
It’s really a budget question. Hard to beat a Benelli SBE 2 or 3 for an semi Auto. ($1500). If you want beautiful wood check out the Ethos.

The Remington pump is an amazing cost conscious pump.(400).

I have Berettas, Benelli, and CG. If I was to go for goose or duck, I’d grab a Benelli.

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