Few more pics of the recent elk harvest


Apr 5, 2014
A few more pics of yesterday’s fun. Thankful at this point to have a good buddy who ends up doing most of the work. He gets to use my other land owner tag so between the two of us we have a great chance of putting some meat in the freezer each year.
He was willing to spend most of the morning helping me get the elk ready for the cooler. He’s always fun to hunt and fish with and it definitely works in my favor to have his assistance on many occasions.
Also another neighbor has allowed me access to use his cooler which is a great convenience that is much appreciated.
Makes it nice to be able to dump an elk in the morning and have it hanging in the cooler two hours later.
I will haul the meat up to the butcher shop and look forward to some steaks, roasts, sausage and pepperoni.

We processed my buddy’s elk into mostly burger this year so will have plenty of that available as well.

The local herd didn’t go far after all of the excitement yesterday.
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Congratulations. That's some prime eating.

Nice freezer filler.
You are blessed with a good friendship. I’m happy for you.