Filson quality is gone.....

35 Whelen

Dec 22, 2011
My gosh didn't realize that the once great Seattle company is now having their best
Wool coats , made In Vietnam!!!! So for $700
you will recieve a jacket made overseas that is NOT the quality your expecting. Horrible to see what is happening in this country.
Don't buy one, you will be disappointed.Screenshot_20240303_092158_Chrome.jpg
I have one that is around 30 years old, used to be my go to for,early King Salmon fishing on Kodiak, in early spring. Old timers all said get a " double mackinaw" you will never regret it. That WAS true. However this is a very different coat at an astronomical price for folks that are all about the label......
Darn shame.
Vietnam is the place that killed most US outdoor gear makers. More than China. I can’t compete with Sewists who make $65 a (72 hour) week

Also Woolrich. I have worn out several of their Alaskan shirts in may life. Not make anymore. They make fashion clothes from Italy.
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Had a pair of tin pants I bought back in the 70s last for 30 years pheasant hunting. Bought a new pair 8 or 9years ago when I was guiding upland hunts. Threw them away at the end of the season, went with Carharts after that. I still have a Mackinaw that I bought in 1975. Still serviceable.
Filson’s first order of business when the company sold was to hike prices across the board. What a shame to see the icon do this.