Garmin Chronograph

I love the size, but it’s going to have to come way down in price to replace my Magnetospeed. That being said, I’m sure the price will come down a bit. It does set up easier than my Magnetospeed, and much easier than my screen chrono I use for my bows. So that’s something.
I ummm, might have been using one for a few weeks... ;) I like it, a lot. Super-easy setup and use. Takes up almost no room in the range bag.

What's not to like? No, I don't own it, but have had the opportunity to use one. It works great!

Can you give us a quick rundown on the pros and cons Guy?

I borrow a buddies Pro Chrono when I need one as he hardly ever uses it, but I hate borrowing stuff and been thinking about getting my own for some time now. I liked that I could shoot groups unaffected by checking speeds with the pro-chrono, but it did take a bit to set up.

This thing looks very simple to use. Might be just what I was waiting on if prices come down a bit.
I think some "Guy” is holding back first hand knowledge on us😁
In the last couple of days this 1 item has sure got a lot of people excited.
Heard bood things and shortcomings, but mostly good. I like Garmin Products, but my CED Millenium still works. More work to set up. Maybe when I am ready for an electronic one, Garmin 2.0 will be out. One thing for sure, competition is usually good for us.
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My old Chrony still works...but there are times under certain light conditions that it just doesn't want to produce a reading...

Would like to know how this works under all light conditions...and temperature conditions of testing during winter months?
Hopefully Guy will be able to give us more feedback over the winter!

If all good, I too may be in the market come spring...