Glock 19 MOS


Sep 30, 2004

After being so impressed with my Glock 40 MOS and shooting a pistol with a micro red dot I decided to try a red dot on a smaller pistol. When the opportunity arose to trade for a pair of glocks, a 21 and a 19 MOS, I jumped on it.

I ordered a trijicon RMR to put on my Glock 40 so I had the vortex viper to put on the 19. The viper is a little sleeker than the RMR.


When combined with suppressor height ameriglo sights I get a perfect cowitness. It aids picking up the dot. Just draw and sight conventionally the dot nestles in right on front post, then you can raise your eyes and use the dot centered in the view window. Once your on the dot you don’t lose it from shot to shot. Recoil recovery and followup shots are very easy.

I put about 300 rounds thru it on steel and paper yesterday. It was a treat. Drawing, hitting steel and transitioning from target to target faster and more accurate than ever. Hitting targets out to 50 yards with ease. My 6” swinging gong was easy to hit repeatedly.

The more I shoot with these micro red dots the more I like it.


It carry’s well in a slightly modified kydex holster. You really can’t notice any additional bulk verses no red dot.

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May 26, 2012
I’m liking red dots and have one on my Springfield XS-s Mod 2.
I’m thinking I’ll go with a laser or red dot optic on all my carry bottom feeders.


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