Glock 20 Gen 5 MOS

That’s a nice looking pea shooter.

I got some Buffalo 🦬 Bore peas that would fit that quite nicely. I’m going to have a look at their barrels.

Picked up a steel target setup from eBay this week that I’m taking to Alaska.
I couldn’t pass this up at the price. Going out Monday to shoot my new Glock 10mm with this target setup.



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Added skateboard tape, red color so I can find it if I drop it in the tundra, to the grips, ordered a Vortex red dot optic, and two tungsten guide rods.

One with stock 17# spring for my bipedal loads and a 20# spring for the Buffalo Bore hardcast load. Three different friends that shoot the Buffalo Bore loads recommended the 20# spring.

I attempted to remove the rear sight yesterday and broke my sight pusher so later today I will make the journey to Flagstaff and have gun store install my XS Big Dot sights while I wait. Got my money back for the sight pusher from the seller on FleaBay. Sent a picture of the broken sight pusher to the seller and they were happy to refund my money.

The Diamond D Outdoor holster is a tight fit for this gun but I’m following their instructions and put the gun in the holster to stretch out the closed cell foam. They say to do this for 24 hours. Because I have to take the Block 20 to the gunsmith it won’t be in the holster for the allotted 24 hours but it will spend the next four days in the holster so that should work out fine.

My Crimson Trace optic has a 5 MOA dot and the Vortex red dot has a 6 MOA dot. I prefer the bigger dot when it gets up close and personal. As much as I don’t care for Glocks I have to give them kudos for making a decent gun at a fairly reasonable cost. I chose Glock because of the amount of aftermarket support and general overall reliability of the 2” X 4” 10mm.

Glocks hold no sentimental or aesthetic value to me and I won’t cry if something happens to any Block I own. They are just a tool that I expect to work every time I pick it up as long as I do my part in keeping it in good operational condition.

OK, my coffee is done so I’m going to bid y’all adieu for now. Have a great day y’all.

Sorry, I may have missed something in one or more of the posts, but my understanding was that Buffalo Bore loads were not suggested for Glocks, as Glock does not have a fully supported chamber, and you can get case rupture and head separation. Would love to have some insight on that.
After shooting the Buffalo Bore just clean your barrel really good before shooting jacketed bullets.

From what I understand the rifling in the standard Glock barrel attracts lead and you can get lead deposits which then cause the pressure to spike.

I’m not going to worry about it as I’m going to order a 6” KKM barrel for the Glock 20 just for the Buffalo Bore loads. I’ve laid in a good supply of JHP and FMJ for the factory Glock barrel as well as a small stash of Buffalo Bore 220 grain hardcast bullets.

The 6” aftermarket barrel and a Glock 20 seems to be really popular in Alaska for bear defense. Now I need to find my Lewis Lead Remover. Since cops, and everybody else, seems to have gotten away from shooting lead bullets tools like the Lewis Lead Remover are a forgotten relic of the past.

Just dropping a couple of pics of the new 10mm.

Still waiting on the Tungsten guide rod. Red Dot is a Vortex Venom 6MOA optic with a Glock brand MOS adapter plate.

I have a nylon Diamond D Outdoors chest holster. It’s from the sister company of the folks that make the leather Guides Choice holster in Wasilla, AK. On order is a leather holster and mag pouch from Rob over at Simply Rugged.

He’s making me a custom low riding belt holster and mag pouch designed for the red dot and a TLR1 light. The chest holster doesn’t accommodate the TLR1. I like a light on my defense guns. I’ll use the handheld light to search for the threat but once I find the threat I want both hands on the gun if possible. That’s where the TLR1 comes in.

In dangerous game country I don’t worry about the handheld light.



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I’m not going to worry about it as I’m going to order a 6” KKM barrel for the Glock 20 just for the Buffalo Bore loads. I’ve laid in a good supply of JHP and FMJ for the factory Glock barrel as well as a small stash of Buffalo Bore 220 grain hardcast bullets.
I too have KKM barrels on my G20 and G40. Very happy with them as they shoot better then my. I haven't put lead bullets down the barrel yet but I plan on it with the G40 for hunting.
Now my Glock matches my Jeep.


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