Handgun Reloading Tips

The lee factory crimper works really well. I run it for 38/357/44spl/44mag.

Love Guy’s pictures! You snub nose holster.. same as mine. Love it.

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Crimping also improves ignition with full charges of slow powder, so there are multiple benefits to doing it.
The Lee FCD is amazing. I use it across the board with the 44, 10mm, 9mm, and 480 Ruger. Great piece of gear.

Cool pictures Guy. I have never owned a 357, but man, I outta find one like one of yours, they look like they could be some good fun!
Remember when roll crimping heavy loads for a revolver you have to make sure all the cases are the same length. Roll crimping out of the bullet groove will give you headaches.
Good to know! What’s protocol for crimping bullets without a cannelure or bullet groove?

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If you are firing warm/hot loads I would suggest always use a bullet that accepts a crimp. For target loads enough crimp to hold the bullet in place from the recoil. My test is to take a loaded round that has been crimped and measure the AOL, then push it against a fixed object to see if you can move it in the case to shorten the AOL. If not your good to go. With Semi autos and warm loads I would use a Lee Factory crimp Die. For target loads I use the same process as above.
Here are my first hand loaded handgun rounds (minus my dummy round)! It seemed to go pretty well. Setting up the dies took a little tinkering but I think I have them where they need to be. I seem to be getting a decent crimp with the seater die, but might need a bit more. The rounds shot well but there’s still tiny amount of unburned powder. It seems like the factory loads have a bit also. Is this due to the shorter 3” barrel or should I crimp the rounds a bit more? I really appreciate the input and willingness to help! Here’s the details.
357 magnum
180 Hornady XTP
12.5 grains Lil Gu
Federal Small Magnum Pistol
Federal brass

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I did! They shoot about as well as I can with a handgun. I worked up to 13.5 and loaded 30 of them as my woods load. Also ran one into the jugs at 10 yards. Landed in jug 5 and expansion looks pretty good!


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