I'm thinkin I need a 338


Mar 31, 2007
I've got a wanting for a .338 of some type.

I owned a Weatherby Vanguard SUB-MOA in .338 win mag and it was a great rifle. Killed some deer with it. Was very accurate.

Got bored with it and sent it down the road.

Fast forward to now, I have the itch for another .338 of some kind. Considering a Winchester Extreme Weather M70 in .338 win mag. Also would consider a .340wby in something that is stainless/synthetic like an Accumark. Heck, I'd even look at a Nosler in .33nosler if I could find one to fondle.

Anyone got any favorite .338s?


Oct 23, 2020
one of the new M21s in 33NOS would be a great rifle. My hunting partner bought one of the first 33NOS rifles, it is a killing machine and his favorite rifle by far.


Nov 25, 2013
The 338's are great!
Hard to go wrong with any of them...they just plain work. Some just do it better, further out.
With you looking at the larger cases, it would seem you are interested in using them on larger big game animals (although you have used the Win Mag on deer, and while some may say it is overkill, it is definitely effective!)
I currently have the Federal, the 338-06 and the Win Mag myself, and have shot the 340 Wby and RUM. And of the the latter two, the Wby was more pleasurable to shoot. As I get older, I am trending towards the less powerful cartridges, as I do not shoot at game beyond 400 yards, unless following up on wounded game.
I have not tried the 33 Nosler, but of the Nosler cartridges, it is the one that intrigues me most.
Only you can determine which cartridge is going to fulfill your specific needs.
Best of luck in your quest, and hopefully it creates more interest and memories for you!


Jul 20, 2008
Have a 338 win mag shoots great kills elk and deer fine. Picked up a couple 338 rum’s longer range elk medicine. My favorite 338 rum.


Apr 29, 2015
Agree with Str8meat. I've shot a number of .338's over the years and my favorite is my M700 in .338 Ultramag. The rifle wears a Zeiss 1.5X6 scope which a lot will say is definitely not enough power. I can honestly say a lot of Elk would disagree with you. Yes it does dish out a bit of recoil but it really does the job "way" out there.


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Nov 4, 2004
I have been shooting the 338 RUM since it's introduction. I've used it on WT deer, Mule deer, Black Bear, Elk and Moose with impressive results.
My buddy bought a Nosler M48 Mountain Carbon in 33 Nosler. Both generate a lot of HP that just flat kills game right now.
Either one would be a great choice.


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Mar 11, 2013
You have had a lot of good advise from everyone who has replied. I have owned 2 .338 Win mags and still own the last one I bought which is a M70 Classic CRF made in New Haven Conn. I will never get rid of that rifle due to the fact it just flat out handles great and availability of ammo any place you may hunt should you lose or run out of ammo on a hunting trip.


Mar 23, 2017
My current favorite .338 cal is a Savage in 338 Lapua Mag. This rifle shoot Nosler’s 300gr RDFs and C.C. extremely well.
I am in the process of building a heavy barrel 340 WBY to fill a missing link in my Weatherby line up. If I was you a 340 WBY would be my choice.


Jan 21, 2022
It must be providence that I come back now from my hiatus.

The .338 caliber is my favorite. I find the Winchester Magnum to be as, or more, versatile than the 30-06. I haven’t played with the other cartridges but I imagine they Rock The House!

If I could only have one rifle for all of North America it would be a .338 of some sort. Now that I’ve had the Win Mag for a good while I’m thinking of a two gun combo along the lines of .243 Winchester and a .375 Ruger.

Where’s the fun in only one rifle?