Leupolds CDS system tested.

35 Whelen

Dec 22, 2011
Well yesterday I got a chance to wring out my CDS dail I had cut at the custom shop for my 25/06, with 120gr bullets. The loading involves a healthy dose of RL 25 under a Speer 120gr BT.
Since no one is building a " cruise missile" shaped projectile for the .257 crowd, the Speer is still up at the top of the heap for BC @.480. 210346.jpgMy velocity is 3150fps.
So we had Leupold cut a dail with those numbers and yesterday was the first time I really put it to the test!
I am happy to report that with a 200 yard Zero the gun was within a 2" total error, (plus or minus 1" from the bullseye) at 300yds .5, 400yds 1" 500yds dead on! However, at 600yds it was actually 3.5" low........ So I raised it up "one click" (610yds on the dail) one click past 6. And hit dead center, so it is off one click in 600 yds! I then, went ahead and fired 5 shot group, letting barrel cool for a minute between shots ,with a air temp of 35 degrees. The group size was 3.9" across at its widest cnt/cnt holes! From top to bottom the holes verried only about 3.5" total. IMAGE00212.jpgThere was a very light breeze ( 1/3mph) coming and going) from the left side of the target that I did not compensate for so the grouping is all slightly right of center on the target.
So my conclusion after returning the dail to the Zero Stop or 200yds however you want to say that, and finding it had returned "dead nuts". Is that for short money, compared to a Husky or NF scope, the CDS dail "rocks" in my opinion, and does Exactly what its soposed to! So in closing, Under these exact conditions; could I hit a Sheep or Goat or Deer sized animal @ 600 yds consistently? Yes I could! Or should I say; at least I can "kill milk jugs" consistently at 600yds, and keep groups inside a coffee canIMAGE00213.jpg at that distance. But the next question is "Should I", with the retained energy down where it is @ 600yds???? (Vel 2000fps/ Eng 1000 lbs)Thats another whole posting!

E. you killed your direct TV antenna now how you going to watch all those good movies :?: :roll: :lol: :lol:
Wish I had a place to shoot that far. Good shooting Buddy.
Excellent shooting, the 25-06 is one I can't figure out why I don't own one.
Which scope did you put that on?

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Its just the newer Leupold VX2 CDS with the Windplex reticle. Super nice for the money.
I actually originally had bought the VX3 4x12 but the ocular lens was weird on it.
This CDS is pretty amazing considering it is doing exactly the same thing as a $1500 Huskamaw
For sooooooooo much less money. I sopose if I crank on the VX2 enough the tracking may not be up to the Huskys system???? Optically I found it to be slightly better than a couple of 1990s vintage VXIII I have kicking around. So bang for the buck its hard to beat .
I am going up to the next step and try a new Athlon Argus 4x26 FFP scope on the 25/06 , and plan on running one of their new Helos 4x26 FFP on the 6.5 next winter.
That will leave the Leupold ready to slap back on either gun for general hunting.
So will no doubt have a second dail cut for it for the 6.5 with the Berger 140s @ 2850......
Great shooting and review on the Leupold CDS. I have been looking at the VX-3i with CDS for my 25-06. What power VX-2 did you purchase and how is the clarity at high power.

Thanks for posting this.
I was in Idaho last year with 2 guys that had the CDS on their rifles . we found a rock at about 800 yards . these guys dialed and hit , just like it was supposed too . I think they had the knobs made for higher elevation more like we were hunting in , not lower like here at home . I was pleased with what I saw .

nice shooting , E .
It is just an old standard 3x9x40 and it is very crisp even on 9 power.
However even though it will take care of 95% of normal hunting situations.
I really can now plainly see that even a 4x16 scope shooting out to a 1000
Yards for me it looks like around 18/20 power just starting to show defintion on
A milk jug! So if I were looking at better glass ( and I am for LR shooting)
I am now moving towards 30mm tube to get the extra movement from the turrets,
First Focal plane for sure. And a 6x24 power to be able to just flat see better behond 500yds.
Those are just thoughts from our limited messing around with LR stuff.
The CDS dial works like a charm.
I live at 1200' but set my dials up for 2500' elevation.
The difference here is null and I'm pretty much dead on at 5000'.

That's great shooting E. pretty impressive for a danged old guide and some lopsided Speers :lol:
Your gonna pay, marine.......
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Go get 'im, E. (y) The lad is just trying to stir up trouble. :mrgreen:
35 Whelen":1oepk6c2 said:
Your gonna pay, marine.......
You guys watch for pics of him after we march him around
Thru the bogs and muskeag for hours sacking on an old swamp donkey....... That will knock some of that "wisenhimer" outta him ! :lol:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I would take it as a badge of honor! :lol:

DrMike":1oepk6c2 said:
Go get 'im, E. (y) The lad is just trying to stir up trouble. :mrgreen:

Well, maybe just a little.. :mrgreen: