Reseting the Strelok numbers for my Tactical scope.

35 Whelen

Dec 22, 2011
Using Strelok to adjust my Weaver Tactical scope; However it never comes out right, with the data from their list of reticules?When I chose the correct Reticle from their list for my scope, it enters a click value, but the clicks have never been correct? :?
So yesterday I was doing some shooting with the Tikka 6.5 at 600yds, And I noticed that with a 300yd Zero, it just happens; to take exactly one full turn; or "60 clicks" to get the gun to hit The bullseye, at 600yds. Using the numbers Strelok had produced 38 clicks we had hit about 30' short of the target, so using the snow we were able to walk the bullets up and onto the target.
So I then decided to "tweak" the vert/horz numbers under reticle in Strelok.(which it allows you to do) So basically working backwords, I just kept adjusting the numbers of the vertical offset and then simply hitting the
"Calulate button"until the number of clicks came out to the known value of; 60 clicks, (the offset came out to be 0.143) So i then saved that info in Strelok. And then went back to change the distance from 600 yds back to down to 5 hundred yards, and recalculated the new vertical Clicks and dailed in what it told me, took the shot with the new "tweaked numbers" and BINGO; it was right on the money!
I again duplicated it for 400yds, and sure enough we had it!
So again with the new numbers, Strelok was also telling me my vertical compensation happens to now come out to be exactly 2.5 mil dots when the scope is set for Zero, in the "reticle picture" it shows you using a 600 yd distance .EMDR, Weaver.jpg So back out to 600 yds but now the dails are set back to Zero, (300yds)and simply holding down on the 2.5 mil bar on the vertical wire of the EMDR reticle and Bingo again.
It all works correctly now, since I tweaked those numbers.
And best part of all: The dails work correctly and tracked right back where we started, Zeroed back at three hundred yards down on the stop. So either way dailing; or hold over the reticle is correct now. I am sure all this is childs play for LR shooters that have already crossed this ice, and simple as heck when one of them explains all this too ya, but for this cowboy with nothing to go by it took a while to
Sort that error all out. It will take a bit to get to "trust the dails" but after yesterday, looks like out to 600 yds Strelock is giving me the right numbers! (y) Here is the last shot of the day with our little Sweede at 600yds.IMAGE00214.jpg
Done Deal.
Just for fun to see how fast I could get there, if I already have the app open on my phone, with my rifle selected, if you called out a random number for the distance, I could enter it, hit calculate get the numbers and dail the Scope turret in about 5 secs !!!! So not as fast as the CDS speed dail cut for a gun, but not too shabby either.
Lol, well its dang near 5ft , the number is 54.5" so it would be Alot of "Kentucky windage" involved with 4 1/2 ft of drop, thats for sure! Lol. Anyway around here; they always say " I held about a foot of daylight over his back" and let one fly....???...
Then when asked "how did that work for ya?"
The answer is always the same " never touched him" :shock:
Well here is a new twist on this today at the gunshop I noticed the box the Weaver scope came in a low and behold it showed the click values as 1/10 of Milrad. The instructions that came with it. Listed it as 1/4 moa. So I just tryed changing Strelok to the 1/10 mil or. 0.036 and then recrunched the numbers and it did NOT work for the know number of clicks to hit at 600 yds, so again working backwards I kept playing with click values till it does come out to the know value or 60 clicks and that number is 0.042
So I am baffled why the 1/10 mil value doesnt work? Or the difference from .036 to .042 but why?