Quick load Request for 270WSM and 300WSM


Dec 20, 2021
I just scored on some Federal Terminal Ascents in 136G for me 270WSM and 175G for my 300WSM and would like some info on some loads:
For the 136G: Magpro, RL17, RL19,RL22 and H4831sc and Superformance.
For the 175G: RL17,RL19 H4831sc, H4350, IMR4831 and Superformance.
I've heard good things about the TA's and want to try them out.
Thanks and Happy Easter.
Nice! Run one into some water jugs and post pics in the Bullet Section.

The factory where they are made is about 30 miles from me and bought directly from Federal at probably an inflated price but I really wanted to get some to try.
A hunting buddy of mine picked up a 300wsm back when they first came out. I had some 19 on hand but wasn’t impressed with it. Had better luck with the 4350 and rl 17.
Regardless I think the 300wsm is a great cartridge, in the same class as the venerable 300 HH but simply more efficient.
300 WSM, well, the whole WSM family is a really great family. Win 760 and H414 were classic WSM powders. I did get a hunny of a load using W780 under a Sierra ProHunter 220gn RN. Chrono said almost 2700 fps and it caused carnage on the bear my son shot with it. We recovered the jacket in the bullet strike after double lung heart shot. Exit wound made almost an 8” hole. Bullet expanded to 1.75”

You will be happy with the terminal ascent bullet. I’ve used it in 3006 and it was expanding and stout.

Prior owner was a H4831 fan… he also liked 150’s.. so not sure how it would handle the heavier bullets.
Yes, I found a very good load with TA and H4350. Had good luck with H4831sc and RL17. I just like the WSM's