Rem700 308 2.0


Feb 11, 2017
Years ago, while on a trip with my father, I picked up a Remington 700p 308 with optic for the price of a used SPS, and shot it quite a bit. First time dabbling with the mighty 308, and it took me out to half a mile for the first time.

As my knowledge of the 308 grew, I kept searching for the lands. Finally I got tired of it, researched and found out it was one of the very long throated rifles. Getting tired of it, I decided to put a new barrel on it. I've been building ARs and Savage rifles for years, and just did a Remage. I wanted to take it to the next step.

I went with a short chambered Satern barrel in 308. I thought about switching to one of the 6/6.5 mm rounds out there but had everything for the 308 and decided to keep it the same. So I rented a reamer and t handle with gauges from 4D and put it all together Wednesday.

Final specs

Rem 700 SA
Sent the bolt off for a knob
Satern 24" stainless barrel, M24E profile
TriDelta muzzle brake
Timney Calvin Elite 2 stage trigger
EGW 20 MOA base
Not sure of the rings, I got them years ago
Falcon Menace 4.5-18x56
Kept the Hogue stock, hogged it out for the barrel
Harris bipod

Almost every load I've put into it shoots well. I shot one shot on paper Wednesday, cleaned, adjusted to get near paper, second shot gave me the idea where to adjust, cleaned, then shot a three shot group that was under an inch, cleaned and adjusted the correct way (brain fart sent it the wrong way), then fired a five shot group that was under half an inch.

That was all with light 168gr Nosler CC, and H335. Then I switched to 175 TMKs with IMR 4064 and shot for five round groups, all amazing. Tired 168 Amax and CFE223, first time anything was over an inch for five.

I took my data and came home, focused on the TMK load, and tried some 175 RFDs with AR Comp. Also looked around to see what I had for old loads, wanted my Lapua brass, so grabbed a bunch today, and just had fun with my wife and a co worker on the range.

She stole the day with under an inch group at 300 yards with her 6mm BR I made her for our wedding, and as I trained her to do her own scope adjustments, she nailed a golf ball dead center at 300 with me spotting. Our friend also hit one twice at 300 with my 308. To end the day I shot two more 100 yard groups, one with the TMK and one with 178 Amax with PP2000. Both were well under .5" for five.

I just love when things turn out this way.


Rifle, first target, TMK target page, Amax right TMK left

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Guy Miner

Master Loader
Apr 6, 2006
Very nice! Yes, the .308 Winchester is one heck of an accurate cartridge. Some say "inherently accurate." I don't know about that, but it WORKS.

Not that you need this, but here's a link to an article on loading for the .308 Win:

I'm a big fan of the .308 for the light recoil and no-nonsense performance. You've done well with yours.

Regards, Guy


Nov 8, 2006
Indeed, a most attractive rifle, the beauty of which is only enhanced by the accuracy displayed.


Range Officer
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Nov 4, 2004
Nice looking rifle. She is a shooter.



Apr 4, 2010
Outstanding, clean and crisp looking and a shooter, what more could one ask for? Your skills are also a major part of those small groups, congratulations.


Feb 11, 2017
Thank you all. I did make a mistake today with it. I went around my reloading room and found most of my Lapua brass, only 32 are unaccounted for. There was some older loads that I pulled apart to weigh charges, but I guess I missed weighing the bullet on one. I "knew" it was a 168, and just needed to seat it deeper, charge weighed fine for a 168, but not a 178. Blew the first primer of my reloading career. I've been loading for more than 20 years, but missed a step wanting to get out before the rain. It was humbling, and definitely threw my confidence, pretty much wasted ammo when I backed up to 450 yards.

It's currently hanging above my loading bench, as a reminder. Gave it a good cleaning and inspection, my brass is clean now, going to go back to the TMK load to make sure everything is fine.

I have looked at the 6BR site, but it hasn't been updated in quite a while. I do plan on trying some 155 Hornadys next. Thanks for all the compliments though!

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