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Guy Miner

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Apr 6, 2006
This beautiful morning found me out on the law enforcement range I used to run. Today's instructor was one of my old firearms instructors, and he's now doing my old job as Rangemaster. Fun talking and shooting with him this morning.

The battered Kimber 45 1911 managed a 250/250 this morning, pleasing me greatly. I haven't been doing much semi-auto shooting over the winter, almost none, and was a little apprehensive. ALMOST lost two or three rounds out of the 10-zone. Almost. 8)

The time limits of the retired officer course are pretty generous. The 25 shots are at 3,5,7,10 and 15 yards. Some of the stages are from the holster, some are from low-ready. There is some left and right hand, one-handed shooting. The rest is two-handed. I reverted back to the old Weaver Stance that I tend to favor.

My ammo today was 185 grain JHP Nosler ammo. It shoots real well from my Kimbers.

Target looks pretty good. Not sure who the old fellow with the beard is. He keeps showing up in my photos these days... Weird. :?


Regards, Guy
I have no idea who the bearded fellow might be, but he sure put a knock-down on that target. Fine work, Guy.
Nice shooting Guy! Yeah and that old white bearded fellow... looks like trouble to me.
bdbrown66":3jg3r9b9 said:
Good shooting, buddy. You probably blew $10,000 in ammo, tho. :)

LOL! I thought about that! :mrgreen: Considered shooting my handloads but that Nosler Match ammo shoots great. It's got a 185 gr Nosler hollow point at 980 fps. Not real hot, but wow, shoots great.

I use the same bullet in my 45 ACP handloads. Shooters Pro Shop offered them in 1,000 round cartons at a good price. Back when the world was sane, a bit over a year ago. Sigh.

Oddly, without planning it, over the past few years I've shifted back to the classic Weaver stance, first taught to me by the Marines in the 1980's.

Nice shooting Guy.
From the sounds of that load it is based off the AMU pistol team load that is used for Bullseye matches.
I also used it for registered matches and have several 1000 on hand from when I was actively shooting matches. Used a 185 lead button nose H&G style for practice loads and club matches that I would cast myself.
Great shooting Guy. Those Kimber's sure do shoot. I just put new springs in mine last week.
I know what you mean about the beard.

Nice shooting to that old bearded fellow Guy! Just have to love those 1911 style pistols. I guess we have to give the bearded fellow some credit also.

Question: Did your wife agree/have input on that facial growth? Why cultivate on your face which grows wild on your arse ??

Respectfully submitted,
David - When I came home from three weeks afield in October, my wife said that my scraggly face looked good, and that I shouldn't shave. I kept the beard. She likes it. If she likes it, I like it. :grin:

After a career in the Marines, and another in law enforcement, when I couldn't have a beard in either... I'm kind of enjoying the beard myself.

Mama seems to think that for a 64 year old, that I look manly. She snapped this cell phone shot of me working in the backyard a couple of weeks ago. Glad she likes what she's got.


Dunno what my arse hairs look like, can't see that. Don't think anybody cares what my arse hairs look like! LOL!