Rimfire Long Range Practice


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Nov 4, 2004
In preparation for hitting the beans fields tomorrow evening, we decided to do a little practice with the 22 rimfire at 250 yards.
Shooting the Remington M541T-HB with plain Remington Thunderbolt 22 long rifle ammo.
Sue and I shot about 100 rounds. There were many many hits on the gong. I went down range and painted the gong. Decided to check my zero.
I think I'm there.



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does your plate swing a lot on impact ? I think I'm going to try cutting a plate out of 1/8" and one out of 1/4" steel to try to get more movement . I can move the plates to the different distances until I see if it's worth the effort . I'm using STD velocity ammo . I really have to watch , and listen , for impacts on targets from 200 yards on out . I think all our 50 - 450 yard plates are 3/8" thick AR500.
My gongs are AR500 3/8" 10" diameter and they do have movement from impacts at 250 yards. We can also hear the impacts.

I've had the grandson the past couple days . we got out shooting 22's today . Carter beat up the 100 and 150 yard targets , he also took a few shots at 200 yards with my rifle . He did well .he was waiting out the wind gusts today , instead of shooting through the gust . he also caught a few wind direction switches , and asked what to do . I shot 200 and 250 yards . the wind was gusty and switching . it was a very fun day .

I can hear impacts at 200 and 250 , but not with regular muffs on , I have to be wearing electronic muffs or none .

I could not see any bullets in flight . Carter standing at his 150 target .

Carter  rimfire Aug sixth.jpgCarter rimfire fun Aug sixth.jpgCarter 100 yards Aug  sixth.jpgCarter 150 Aug sixth.jpg
Well, that sure looks better than my group at 100yds yesterday! fun is right but I think your zero is about a 1/2 inch left! :D. Pretty rifle too! CL