Sako 85 270 Win 1 in 9 Benchmark (updated with first kill)

Thebear_78":3koo8qbf said:
I like to mix bear burger with 20% bacon, makes great burgers. Have you ever tried canning the stew meat, it always seemed like it would be great mixed with some jalepeno slices and southwest seasoning, or maybe mixed with garlic and barbeque.

I'm going to try canning some of my next bear, a buddy of mine canned some up with peppers and chili sauce, it was great when made into chilli, really tenderizes the meat.

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That sounds good I'll have to keep that in mind. I haven't canned bear but have done goat and you are right it does tenderize it nicely.
Always love reading your posts, especially when you're toting your .270! Great work with those partitions.
Take Care,
gerry, I am sorry that I missed your post after you took that nice Black bear. That bear is going to make for some fine eating Congratulations (y)!!
Man if we get up there to visit what a feast Bear Bratwurst & canned Salmon we will be eating like kings (y).
Hopefully we will know this coming week if Nettie is going to need surgery on her foot. She sees the surgeon this coming Monday.
Just so you know her being out of commission I believe I know what it is like to be living with a bear with a sore behind :mrgreen:!!