Sako 85 270 Win 1 in 9 Benchmark (updated with first kill)

I just wanted to say congrats again, that looks like a true trophy bear and I love that you hammered him with the 270 Win and that 160 Partition.

Any details on shot and bullet action?
That bear definitely has a good melon on him. Should be some fine dining.
The meat is in our spare fridge and I will take care of it during the week. It is really hot so it's nice to have it all cooling properly now. Going to make a lot of ground meat, send some out for sausage, have a few roasts and make lots of stew meat.

Scotty, the shot was at 80 yards and all bullets exited. The first shot was perfectly through the boiler room and he went down but I hit him a couple of more times while he was rolling around. Wanted to make sure he didn't make it into the bush. It was super windy which made the shot a bit more difficult but I just waited until he gave me a good shot and the wind calmed slightly and stopped blowing the tree around I was using for a rest :)

Ironically we spotted the bear in exactly the same spot as the one I shot last year, the only difference was he stayed put and wasn't walking up the powerline like the one last year. It is a prime spot and will always attract mature bears there, the bigger bears take the best areas of grass typically. Here is the thread from last spring.


Maybe next spring Lou will see some of the area and do a bit of bear hunting ;)
A couple of more details of the hunt. My friend Steve that got his first big game animal 2 weeks ago was with me and had bought his second tag since they are enjoying the meat from the first bear. I told him when we have a kill to be sure and look around once and a while to make sure another bear isn't around. When we were almost done dressing the bear I looked up and sure enough here was another black bear about 25 yards from us. The wind was strong so he couldn't smell us and was probably very surprised to see us. He didn't stick around long enough for Steve to fill his tag but I'm glad it happened so he will remember to stay alert in grizzly country.

We looked to find another bear after that and came extremely close to getting a second one. The bear was on the logging road and went into the bush, in time he popped out and Steve was ready, an experienced hunter would have been able to seal the deal but he is just learning and the bear bolted when he spotted us. He felt bad and wished the bear had given him another second or two but I told him not to worry, it is better not to take a risky shot and wound a bear. He made the right call. We came awfully close to getting two bears last night. We will try to fill his second tag tomorrow evening.......

A couple of more pictures from 2 weeks ago and yesterday.

Thanks for sharing Gerry. Nice looking land you hunt in, nice looking bear and nice looking rifle...well...nice looking guy too I guess :mrgreen:
gerry":lwjlockd said:
Maybe next spring Lou will see some of the area and do a bit of bear hunting ;)

Man, that would be awesome Gerry! :grin: .I'd love to join you pal :grin:

Lou (y)
Sorry gerry that I am late on this :shock: Congratulations on a very nice bear (y). I will be looking forward too some bear brats later this summer :mrgreen:.
Those photos are absolutely breathe taking thank you for the post (y).

Nice Bear Gerry! That 1" shorter barrel did nothing other then make the barrel stiffer! Known fact, any velocity difference a animal will never know. Besides you made good use of something that was sitting around and it shoots better then before. You did well on all fronts buddy!

Nice coat on that Bear too!
This thread is still going, cool, thanks guys for the kind words. I butchered up the meat on Saturday and put it in the freezer, had it sitting in our spare fridge till then. Made a few roasts, lots of stew meat and ground up a bunch up. Put some aside for brat's for Dan later this summer :) My wife will be gone next week so I plan on doing a bit of loading and experimenting when she is gone.
I like to mix bear burger with 20% bacon, makes great burgers. Have you ever tried canning the stew meat, it always seemed like it would be great mixed with some jalepeno slices and southwest seasoning, or maybe mixed with garlic and barbeque.

I'm going to try canning some of my next bear, a buddy of mine canned some up with peppers and chili sauce, it was great when made into chilli, really tenderizes the meat.

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Awesome bear Gerry, that is a beautiful rifle. Really like that 160gr NPT. Congratulations!