Sam’s Club blocked Nosler

Yeah, I get that at some random sites at work, I mean random, too. It will let me go to armslist, but says opticsplanet is banned for weapons. Shows that category filters on firewalls are only as good as they are. A lot of those also rely on self-reporting - so there is a lot of randomness. Uh, that's a bit of a convoluted way of saying that I wouldn't read much into it.
Reminds me of the dentist office. They used a shared entrance with a clinic next door. They both offered free WiFi and my phone would switch back and forth. Clinic banded anything related to shooting , dentist office wide open.
While I was still a working cop, I was in charge of the firearms program for years. Training, repairing the firearms, buying firearms & ammunition for the department, all that sort of stuff.

The city IT department blocked us all from going to firearms/weapons related web sites...

That was pretty silly, and we got the police department exempted from that, so we could continue to use the internet for firearms & more. :)

Tough to beat Amazon. A few months ago, we ordered an item for my Mom, she got it less than 4 hours later that same afternoon.