Scam artist


Mar 30, 2021
Miless sent this to me. When I contacted the other person it was a text mail box that sent me photos. Tried to call the number and it said text mail not a working number. Guy wanted me to use Zelle to send payment. Have text from other individual if you want screen shots.

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He tried to scam me, too. I made a post and asked the mods to PM me for details, but I never heard from them.
I'm thinking he may be one of the admin because the messages back and forth with him are gone and I didn't delete them. WATCH OUT!!!

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I read a couple shooting forums . it seems to be more and more of this . it reads like his english isn't the best .
A guy called me back from the text mailbox number. Spoke broken English like he may have been of asian decent.

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Bernard Madoff (1938-2021): Former American stock broker and non-executive chairman of the NASDAQ stock market who admitted to the operation of the largest Ponzi scheme in history. Want to know about him then ask me here
So tell me: Why would any of us want to ask you about Bernie Madoff? What has that to do with reloading, or shooting, or hunting, etc.?