Sportsman’s Warehouse


May 26, 2012
Took my .375 Ruger Guide Gun to the local Sportsman’s Warehouse, 55 miles away, to have them mount a scope.

I bought the scope from them a couple years ago but never mounted it on anything. It’s a Vortex Crossfire II, 2 - 7 X 32 with a BDC Reticle. Not an expensive scope for sure but with the Vortex warranty I figure it’ll serve me well.

Anyway, bright and early, I arrive after working all night. I’m tired but feeling like I have the energy to do things during the day. Bright and early is 10AM for this denizen of the darkness.

So I go to the Customer Service counter to have them check that my boomer is unloaded. The guy was immediately impressed with the cartridge it shot. “Man, that’ll blow a hole in an elk for sure. I like it.” Then I proceed to the gun counter.

At the gun counter the young gentleman informs me that while he can mount scopes he isn’t very good at it and he doesn’t want to mess anything up. He asked if I would mind waiting until 11AM for a coworker to arrive. I thank him for his honesty and tell him that I’ll gladly wait. I then proceeded to look over some firearms, including the new Colt Python. It’s almost as good as my S&W Model 58 and 65 that have been worked on by pretty competent gunsmiths. I’m going to have to buy one soon. The single action doesn’t come close to my Gary Reeder Ruger Super Blackhawk though.

11AM arrives and the kid arrives to mount my scope. It turns out that this kid can’t mount a scope and has only seen it done once. I’m thinking this is turning in to a monkey trying to fornicate a greased football situation. The schedule is checked and I am assured that the guy coming in at 1PM is able to mount scopes.

So I looked around a little more then left for lunch. Found a superb Cajun place over by Cal Ranch called Satchamo’s. The gumbo is pretty good. Hit the archery shop for grins and giggles after filling up on gumbo. Waddled is an accurate descriptor. Then onward to Sportsman’s.

As soon as I arrive I’m informed that the 1PM guy doesn’t know how to mount scopes either but they have a greased football and a team of monkeys that need to relieve sexual tension. Just kidding. The gun is almost done. The scope mounter brings the gun out for me to check eye relief. I’m impressed because I didn’t have to ask for him to do that and it’s something that should be done with every scope/rifle mounting in my opinion.

He informs me that he’s almost done and he’ll have my rifle back to me shortly. I proceeded over to the canoe paddles and bought a kayak paddle, the longest one they had, for my soon to be picked up canoe. Since I waited so long for the monkey team to be assembled they mounted the scope for free.

Sometimes it pays to wait for the greased monkey team to arrive. 🤣 Now I’ll drive home and then onward to pick up my canoe. That’s 50 miles in the other direction. It’s turning into a long day.

Wow - they would have found me asleep in my truck! Try it yourself next time- it ain't rocket science.
Too hot to sleep in the truck.

Twenty degrees hotter than bearable as far as I’m concerned. Prefer it even cooler when trying to sleep. I keep the ac in the house at a constant 64 degrees of comfortable.

Same problem as every other store-they just hire whoever will actually show up. But I have also had a certified gunsmith screw up a scope mounting job years ago. Probably what propelled me to learn how to do my own. I’m glad you got it finished-good luck shooting!
Have had exactly one scope mounted at a store. The gentleman spent almost 90 minutes working on it, then came out and apologized because the number of threads visible between the top and bottom scope rings wasn't exactly the same for every screw. I loved that shop, and the people who worked there were amazing. My scope guy had developed a bit of OCD as a result of some issues overseas, so I did my best not to let the amount of time get under my skin. I did, however, mount the next one myself.